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Tekmetric Update 2.31

Take the guesswork out of parts ordering. Tekmetric update 2.31 is geared towards easier parts management.

Tekmetric recently rolled out version 2.31, which is all about faster, easier parts management.

Parts managers often ask themselves:

  • What should I keep in inventory?
  • How much should I stock?
  • Which vendors give me the best prices?

Now you can quickly access the metrics that help you answer these questions with Tekmetric’s insightful, comprehensive parts reporting tools.

Powerful Parts Reporting

Tekmetric Update Version 2.31

We made it even easier for technicians, service writers, and shop owners to access useful parts insights with search, group-by, and filtering options.

For instance, users can now search for a specific part number on the Vendor tab to see the cumulative dollar amount purchased for that part across all vendors for the month.

Payoff: Easy-to-use reports will help you grow your margins by seeing which vendors give you the best prices on parts.

Cut Back on Missing Parts

Tekmetric Update Version 2.31

We previously made it easier to enter invoice numbers when you receive parts orders. Now, you can reconcile all of your parts invoices on one screen.

Payoff: Cut back on wasted time and money by ensuring that you billed out all the parts ordered.

Leverage Parts Data for Marketing

Tekmetric Update Version 2.31

You can now use the Part Usage Report to see which vehicles and job categories are the most profitable for your shop.

Payoff: Based on these insights, you can market directly to guests who will bring high margin jobs to your shop, opening up new marketing strategies for special offers. Conversely, you can find new ways to improve your margins on jobs that are not as profitable as they could be.

Other Feature Updates Include

  • Capture refund date when marking a refund complete.
  • Accounting Link: Now send new refund date field to Quickbooks.

Payoff: More efficient integrations between Quickbooks and your shop management software make accounting cleaner and easier for your shop.

As always, we’re excited to innovate and find new ways to make shops run more efficiently. We hope that all of our users leverage these new features to maximize shop performance.