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Tekmetric Update 2.32

In Tekmetric version 2.32, we've fine-tuned inventory, DVI videos, duplication issues, and shop fees & discounts.

We're Fine-Tuning Features

We’re proud to announce that the Tekmetric Team has been hard at work finding ways to improve user experience. This month, we’re releasing features that will enhance ROs, boost your close rate, give you more control over inventory management, and much, much more.

Tekmetric Update Version 2.32

Add Videos to DVI

We’ve added the ability to include videos on DVIs to give customers a better look at what’s happening with their vehicles. Tekmetric users have been able to send photos to guests, but there are some mechanical issues that are easier to show with a quick video.

Payoff: This is a big one. Photos have already played a huge role in gaining guests’ trust and closing higher ROs. Videos will allow shops to establish even higher levels of customer trust, close higher ROs, and improve GP dollars at each of their shops.

Tekmetric Update Version 2.32

More Control Over Inventory Management

Shop owners and service advisors asked us for more control over their inventory, so we delivered. We’ve added new features that should make all things inventory easier for service advisors and part managers to manage:

  • Additional Inventory Tracking Visibility
  • BIN Location
  • Inventory Valuation Reporting
  • Quick Edit Sidebar
  • Bulk Delete Parts
  • Quickly Update Cost to Average Cost
  • Inventory Permissions
  • Negative Inventory Will be Reset to Zero

Payoff: See what you need at a glance. Waste less time less time on inventory. Give more power and control to the people who manage your inventory process. Reduce the risk of not having parts when you need them, or spending on parts when you don’t have to. Clean up your inventory dash.

Tekmetric Update Version 2.32

Fine-Tune Fees & Discounts

To give service advisors and shop owners more control over fees and discounts, we’ve added the following:

  • Fee Tax Settings to Control Sales Tax for Each Fee
  • Auto-Apply Fees at RO Level or Individual Jobs
  • Exclude Certain Jobs From Fees, such as Shop Supplies
  • Apply Fees to More Combinations, such as Labor, Parts, Sublet, etc.
  • Apply Discount to Combinations, such as Labor, Parts, Fees and Sublets

Payoff: Improve realtime metrics and customer's cost expectations when they approve jobs by making adjustments at the job-level. Manage and apply common combinations that impact end pricing for more replicability, clarity, and speed.

Tekmetric Update Version 2.32

Duplicate Customer Warning

When you're adding a new customer, Tekmetric will cross check the phone number and email to ensure this customer does not exist in your shop. You can now consolidate multiple listings of the same customer into one contact card.

Payoff: No more shuffling through a seemingly endless list of customer contacts that includes multiple versions of the same person. See the entire history of a single customer in one location to get a complete view of their relationship with your shop.

Other Features

  • Fleet Unit Numbers Added to RO Line Items on A/R Statements
  • Expiring Live Links on Estimates
  • Ability to Copy the Estimate Link
  • New Navigation Prompt that Shows You When You Forget to Save Your Work
  • Adding "None Provided" Vendor Filter on the Parts Usage Report

Payoff: Match customers’ preferred method of communication and more fluidly navigate Tekmetric. These features provide better tracking, offer more control over invoice viewing, empower guests who use third-party apps, and save you time by making sure you save the information that you entered.

Between the ability to add videos, user experience enhancements, and giving shops more control over their inventory, we hope that this new update makes it easier for your shop to grow your bottom line. We have more updates in the works that we look forward to sharing in the near future.