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Tekmetric Update 2.35

In version 2.35, we've improved integrations with The Back Office and AccountingLink. We've also added a Learning Management System so users can now learn Tekmetric at the pace they want!

What's New In Version 2.35

  • Improved integrations with The Back Office (GL Accounts)
  • Job Categories mapping to AccountingLink
  • Invoice Date map to order date in AccountingLink
  • Added a Learning Management System with a Video Archive
  • Pass in Check # correctly on Purchase Orders
  • RO # and Check # on Sublets
  • Purchase Order Date
Tekmetric Update 2.35

Multiple GL Accounts for TBO

You can now add multiple lists of general ledger (GL) accounts to The Back Office integration card. Users can associate those accounts with vendor profiles. Vendor accounts are now the default accounts on purchase orders, and users can override orders to flow into a different account.

Payoff: Save time by separating account information before it is sent to The Back Office.

Tekmetric Update 2.35

Automated Data Entry for The Back Office

Job categories, RO numbers, check numbers, and 'purchase order' dates can be automatically sent from Tekmetric to The Back Office. Received Date will appear once an order is marked received. Users can also update to resend to TBO correctly.

Payoff: Spend less time entering data by removing redundant processes.

Tekmetric Update 2.35

Tekmetric Learning Management System

We are moving away from training webinars and improving our training process! Tekmetric users can now find an archive of helpful tutorials at https://tekmetric.docebosaas.com/learn

For login help, please contact customer support.

Payoff: Training at your fingertips at your schedule. Empower your staff to learn how to use Tekmetric anytime and anywhere!