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Tekmetric Update 2.36

In version 2.36, we've added realtime tech reporting and realtime repair breakdown by hours.

What's New

  • Realtime Tech Reporting
  • Realtime Repair Breakdown by Hours

Realtime Tech Reporting

Tekmetric Update 2.36

In version 2.36, we’ve made it even easier to see technicians work by hours and dollars in realtime. We’ve added the ability to filter by a technician on the shop dashboard. We’ve also added a new employee report: the realtime technician report. The realtime technician report lets you see hours and dollars worked, assigned, and in-progress, as well as total hours and dollars, written and sold. Technician reports can be sorted by an individual technician or viewed as a side-by-side comparison with other technicians.

Payoff: Get a clear view of technician availability and performance for more effective management. Learn who can take on a job at any time, who is busy, and where and how you can train your technicians to improve.

You can also analyze technician performance across the board.

Realtime Repair Breakdown by Hours

Tekmetric Update 2.36

In addition to the Sales and Car Count filter, we have added an Hours filter to the Realtime Shop Dashboard so that shops have a clearer view of time spent on certain aspects of the repair process.

Payoff: By viewing hours in realtime, service writers can easily manage garage workflow and identify bottlenecks, and shop owners can forecast how much time will be spent on repairs in a given day, week, month, or year to date.