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Tekmetric Update 2.37

In version 2.37, we've added transfer vehicle history, customer primary phone indicator, and the ability to view declined jobs and job history on appointments.

What's New

  • Transfer Vehicle History
  • Customer Primary Phone Indicator
  • Consistent Phone Number Formatting
  • Declined Jobs & Job History on Appointments

Transfer Vehicle History

Tekmetric Update 2.37

Before, users could only transfer a vehicle to a new guest while the job history stayed with the previous owner. In version 2.37, we’ve added two new options for transferring guest vehicle history:

  • Transfer Vehicle & Searchable History
  • Transfer Vehicle, Job History & Invoices
Tekmetric Update 2.37

With Transfer Vehicle & Searchable History, the vehicle gets transferred to the new owner and the job history stays with the previous owner, but any past jobs will now be searchable under the new owner’s profile within Tekmetric.

With Transfer Vehicle, Job History & Invoices, the vehicle is transferred to the new owner along with the job history; reporting for past repairs will show up under the new owner and be removed from the previous owner’s history of repairs.

Payoff: The ability to transfer the history of a vehicle’s repairs will provide more transparency to both customers and service writers. Service advisors and mechanics can use insights into a vehicle’s repair history to provide better service to the new owner, boosting customer loyalty and retention.

Customer Primary Phone Indicator

Tekmetric Update 2.37

It’s common for customers to have multiple phone numbers on record. Ever wonder which one is the best to call first? Tekmetric users can now add a star next to the customer's preferred contact number with the click of a button!

Payoff: Enhance your customer experience and save time by knowing which number to call at a glance.

View Declined Jobs & Job History on Appointments

Tekmetric Update 2.37

In version 2.37, Tekmetric users can now view the Job History and Declined Jobs of a vehicle from the guest’s appointment screen.

Payoff: Service writers can improve ARO by immediately informing guests of overdue work and developing a game plan to complete it.

Other Features

  • Consistent Phone Number Formatting: Phone numbers will be displayed across Tekmetric in a consistent (xxx) xxx-xxxx format.