Tekmetric Update 2.40 - Tekmessage

What’s New

  • True true-way texting
  • Easy phone number syncing
  • Centralized customer communication


With Tekmessage, you’ll be able to have seamless text message conversations with your guests. Just add your shop’s business phone number and start messaging customers directly from Tekmetric.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the Tekmessage sidebar and add your shop’s business phone number. You can also choose a different phone number based on the available phone numbers in your area.

Tekmetric Update 2.40 - Tekmessage

Start sending and receiving texts directly in Tekmetric. Answer your customers’ questions without them having to open up a clunky web browser.

Tekmetric Update 2.40 - Tekmessage

Keep track of all customer communication in one place: the Tekmessage sidebar. View customer profiles, text threads, who at your shop is messaging customers back, and more.

Tekmetric Update 2.40 - Tekmessage


Shop owners, service advisors, and technicians can now text their customers without hassles. You can send messages from Tekmetric, and your customers will see those messages as regular texts on their phones. And with centralized customer communication, you and your team can better build customer trust and spend more time on bigger picture things, like boosting revenue.

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