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Tekmetric Update 2.42

In version 2.42, we added canned job enhancements and included inventory part & tire syncing on canned jobs. From labor rates, job categories, and tax settings - you'll now be able to check a few boxes and manage canned jobs in bulk.

What’s New

  • Canned jobs enhancements
  • Inventory part and tire syncing on canned jobs
  • Posted date toggle on hacker tracker report

Inventory Part and Tire Syncing on Canned Jobs

When you update any of the following attributes on an inventory part:

  • Part brand
  • Part name
  • Part number
  • Additional details
  • Cost
  • Retail

Or an inventory tire:

  • Tire brand
  • Tire model
  • Tire size
  • Construction type
  • Load index
  • Speed rating
  • Cost
  • Retail

These changes should automatically be reflected in all canned jobs that use that inventory part.

Canned Jobs Table Updates

- New labor rate and job category columns

- New labor rate and job category filters

Tekmetric Update 2.42

Canned Jobs Table - New Three Dot Menu Options

Tekmetric Update 2.42

- Edit Job: Takes user into edit mode for job.

- Duplicate Job: Makes an exact replica of the job with the word "Copy" appended at the end of the job title.

- Duplicate and delete functionality are now available for BG canned jobs.

Bulk Updating Canned Jobs

- New checkboxes next to each canned job

- Allows for bulk deleting

- Allows for bulk managing

Tekmetric Update 2.42

Bulk Managing Canned Jobs

Tekmetric Update 2.42

- Selecting 'Manage Jobs' with one or more checkboxes selected opens a module.

- Can bulk update:

  • Labor rate
  • Job category
  • Tax settings

Posted Date Toggle on Hacker Tracker Report

- New toggle on Hacker Tracker.

- When turned on, only posted ROs will appear.

- When turned off, both posted and unposted ROs will appear.

Tekmetric Update 2.42


Service writers can improve efficiency by having the option to manage canned jobs in bulk. New inventory part and tire syncing options allow for service writers to automatically manage changes across all selected canned jobs.