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How Automotive Scheduling Software Can Help You Say Yes to More Customers

Get more appointments on your shop’s calendar. Tekmetric’s appointment calendar—better yet, the whole interface—makes saying “yes” easy by making sure service advisors have the correct information on hand when creating any service appointment.

Repair Tracker Software: How Visibility Combats Uncertainty in the Auto Repair Industry

Does your shop have a consistent level of transparency? Tekmetric’s repair tracker software saves employees’ and customers’ time, while adding more visibility to your shop.

How to Build Customer Loyalty While Selling Maintenance with Vehicle Maintenance Software

Selling vehicle maintenance work and building customer loyalty go hand-in-hand. Tekmetric’s vehicle maintenance software allows you to access customer notes, DVIs, send text messages, and more—all in one interface. Sell more maintenance work with vehicle maintenance software.

The Ultimate Guide to Modernizing Your Shop With Repair Shop Software

Innovations such as onboard diagnostics, computers, and the cloud have defined modernity for the auto repair industry throughout the previous decades. Here are some of the innovations that will modernize the industry as we head further into the 2020s.

How to Narrow Down Your Options When Reading Automotive Repair Shop Software Reviews

Are you looking for a new shop management system? Reading automotive repair shop software reviews is one of the best ways you can narrow down your options. However, it’s good to know where to look for these reviews and what to look for when reading them.

The Best Software for Auto Repair Shop Owners Who Want to Transform and Grow Their Business

With a shop management system, you can quickly transform and grow your shop by creating more efficient workflows and keeping track of critical metrics more accurately. Look for these core features to get started.

The Best Auto Repair Shop Software Features for Upselling, Cross-selling, and Reaching More Customers

Are you selling as much work and reaching as many new customers as possible? Auto repair shop software features like Tekmetric’s DVI and marketing integrations make it easier for you to provide enhanced customer service that will win you more business.

How to Synergize Your Auto Repair Shop Invoicing Software With the Rest of Your Business

Invoicing ties into almost every aspect of your business, and can have a major impact on your customer experience. Here’s how to energize your invoicing process and synergize your shop.

How to Get the Most From Your Auto Repair Shop Accounting Software

Accounting may not be your thing, but knowing and keeping track of the basics is vital for the health of your business. You can get the most out of your auto repair shop accounting software by using a shop management system like Tekmetric.

Repairs Management Software: Tekmetric’s Job Board

How well does your team self-manage repair work? With Tekmetric’s Job Board, they can keep track of every repair—even on the busiest of days. As a shop owner, you’ll have more time and flexibility to tackle the high-level aspects of your business.

Why You Should Fine-Tune Your Auto Repair Invoice & Estimating Process

One of the most important steps in the repair process is invoicing and estimating. By fine-tuning it, your team can keep better track of repairs, provide better customer service, and ultimately, generate a higher ARO for your shop.

How to Achieve the Ultimate Workflow at Your Shop With Repair Tracking Software

When your team is “in the zone,” your shop should run like a well-oiled machine. With repair tracking software, you can achieve the ultimate state of flow—your team moves fluidly through the repair process and your customers drive away happy!

Automotive Labor Times Guide: What to Look For When Selecting a Digital Labor Guide

A reliable labor guide is the building block for securing solid labor profit margins and growing your business. As you’re evaluating different labor guides, look for these key features, including realtime updates and ease-of-use.

The Ultimate Guide to Automotive Repair Scheduling Software

Automotive scheduling software helps you keep track of every car at your shop throughout the repair process. It’s crucial that the solution you go with has several key features, including running on the cloud and integrating with other tools.

We Tracked 500 High-Performing Auto Repair Shops Since the Onset of COVID-19. Here’s What We Learned.

Using our unique tool, the TM-500, we tracked 500 of the industry’s top-performing auto repair shops during COVID-19. Here’s what we learned about how these auto shop owners successfully adapted their business and grew during the pandemic.

The Shop Owner’s Ultimate Digital Vehicle Inspection Guide

When done right, digital vehicle inspections build customer trust and loyalty, empower service writers to sell larger repair orders, and streamline your repair process. Learn how to become a DVI Jedi in our Ultimate Guide to Digital Vehicle Inspections.

How to Use an Auto Parts Markup Matrix to Maximize Your Shop’s Gross Profit

Ever wonder how you can grow your parts profit margin? Want to understand how a parts matrix works? Learn how to use Tekmetric’s parts markup matrix to maximize your shop’s gross profit! A parts markup matrix takes the guesswork out of figuring out the fair mark up amount for each part.

Labor Times for Auto Repair Shops

Labor guides provide average labor times, but there are many factors that can affect how long a job takes to complete. This guide details what factors to consider, and how to use a labor matrix, custom labor rates, and labor guide markups to optimize your shop’s labor profits.

Inventory and Stock Management Best Practices for Auto Repair Shops

Should you categorize that part as inventory or stock? The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, and getting the right categorization for each part is crucial for maintaining healthy profit margins while minimizing the risk of rush orders and frustrated customers.

Best Practices for Parts Management & Reconciliation

Parts management is a critical function of any auto repair shop business, so it’s important to follow best practices. Learn how often your shop should reconcile parts payments, when it’s worth hiring a dedicated parts manager, and how to ensure that each part is being billed correctly.

Why Match Parts from Repair Orders on Purchase Orders?

In auto repair, there are many moving parts to keep track of. By reconciling your parts orders on both repair orders and purchase orders, you can easily check to see what’s going on, protecting your shop from incidents where you are losing money due to overages, slip-ups, theft, and overcharges.

Accrual Basis of Accounting for Auto Repair Shops

As your shop establishes more relationships with parts vendors, consider using the accrual basis of accounting. By accruing your expenses before they hit your bank account, you can have a clear idea of your shop's profit margins and feel more confident when investing in your business.

5 Ways You Can Give Back to Your Employees During the Holidays

The holiday season is now in full swing, and as a shop owner, you’re probably thinking about how to best lead your team during this time. Between the hot chocolate and the carols, there will be a lot you’ll have to navigate, including holiday pay and time off requests.

Section 179 for Auto Repair Businesses

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows business owners to write off the entire cost of a piece of equipment, renovations, or other assets in the first year instead of writing off an asset a little bit at a time over a five, fifteen, or thirty-nine year period.

10 Ways to Connect With Customers this Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time of year when we make memories with the family, give thanks, and spread joy. However, with social distancing guidelines still in effect, this holiday season will look a little different. Here are 10 ways you can still connect with your customers this holiday season.

New Progress for Automotive Right to Repair in 2020

During this year’s general election, the state of Massachusetts helped open the door for auto repair shops to work on connected cars in the near future. This act benefits all of us who work in independent auto repair.

5 Ways Your Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

Goodwill and charity make the holidays a wonderful time of the year. With all the ways to pay it forward, here are our top five way you can give back during the festive season.

How Your Auto Mechanic Shop Can Pick Up More Business When Times are Slow

As the seasons change, so does the influx of customers in y our shop. Luckily, we have some great tips on how to maintain a healthy sales funnel and rake in business during the slow seasons.

Tekmessage: True Two-Way Texting for the Auto Repair Industry

At Tekmetric, we've created the most requested feature by users: true two-way texting. You and your guests can now communicate with each other in a seamless, hassle-free way.

How Auto Service Writers Can Improve Workflow

Simply your tasks and improve workflow by getting to know your customers. Taking detailed notes can make it easier to work with even the most difficult clients.

Leadership Principles for Shop Owners

Recently awarded Houston Business Journal's Most Admired CEOs of 2020 - Sunil Patel gives us leadership tips to motivate, collaborate, and innovate.

Forecasting With Realtime Reports

Learn how you can leverage two of Tekmetric's realtime reports in combination to forecast

Tekmetric Makes Top CEO List

Tekmetric is pleased to announce that our co-founder Sunil Patel has been selected by Houston Business Journal as one of the Most Admired CEOs.

Are Your Auto Repair Partnerships a Two-Way Street?

What to consider before entering into an auto repair shop partnership.

Self Assessment: Auto Repair Partnerships

Generally, there are 3 types of partnerships. Use our thought-provoking assessment before entering a partnership.

How Auto Repair Shops Should Use Social Media to Increase Business

Tips on how auto repair shops can use social media to engage and attract customers.

6 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Team

The more efficient your shop is, the better your month-over-month performance will be. Here are 6 strategies you can use to boost team efficiency.

The Latest on Paycheck Protection Program for Auto Repair Shops

Will there be another round of PPP funding? If there is, will you be ready? Get the latest information about COVID-19 loans for auto repair shops.

7 Tips to Alleviate Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

We want to provide shop owners with some tips for limiting the risk of exposure and reducing concerns that stem from the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope your auto repair business can use some of these suggestions to help your guests and staff.

Why Now is a Great Time to Tune-Up Your Auto Repair Business

This may be an unprecedented time in human history, but it's also an open window for innovation. What you do now will have a big impact on the future of your business.

How to Protect Your Auto Repair Shop from Chargebacks

Protecting your auto repair shop from credit card chargebacks doesn't just start when the payment is being processed. Save yourself the hassle. Here are some tips to prevent chargebacks altogether.

How Tekmerchant Text-to-Pay Saves Auto Repair Shops Time & Money

Improve your guest experience & shop efficiency with a contactless payment solution.

Auto Repair Shops: How to Help Your Team During COVID-19

Tips on how to keep your auto repair team strong during Coronavirus COVID-19.

8 Ways to Adjust Your Auto Repair Business Strategy for COVID-19

Ideas to tweak your auto repair shop business strategy after Coronavirus COVID-19 affected the economy.

Resources to Help Auto Repair Owners Navigate COVID-19

How can you navigate through uncertainty? Here is a list of articles organized by topic to help auto repair shop owners during COVID-19.

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