Build Trust & Boost Teamwork

Unlock customer loyalty with modern communication tools. Open the door to fast, efficient team communication. Prioritize transparency at every stage of the repair process.

“I was looking for a system like Tekmetric for years. Having alliances is really important to being successful at anything. Tekmetric helps us do a much better job at communicating with our customers.”

Henderson Johnson, Toyo Automotive Services

Show Customers That You Value Their Business

With Tekmetric’s customer profiles, each and every service advisor can quickly access all the information needed to provide a first-class customer experience. Service advisors can use the global search bar to search a customer’s name, phone number, or even their license plate whenever they call or come to the shop. By pulling up past work and getting a better idea of who the customer is in a matter of seconds, your service advisors can build trust and grow loyalty with every customer.

Customer Info

Never forget a customer. Capture critical customer contact information including their name, number, and email. Add a personal touch to their experience by saving their birthday,  preferences, and any other special notes.

Lifetime Stats

Get a snapshot of each customer’s history with your shop. See their Close Ratio, Lifetime Spend, Lifetime Profit and Lifetime ARO. Understand your customers’ past purchases so you can continue to earn their business.

Customer Vehicles

Remember your customers’ cars. Keep a list of all the vehicles each customer brings in, and add vehicle details like VIN, plate number, make, and model.

Customer Details

Don’t let details slip through the cracks. Review all Repair Orders associated with a customer, including whether they are Active, Saved for Later, in Accounts Receivable, or Paid. Drill down even further with a detailed Job History and Declined Jobs Report.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Show, don’t tell. Show customers exactly what’s wrong with their vehicles with Digital Vehicle Inspections.

Share Photos & Videos

Make it easy for your customers to approve work. Tekmetric’s DVIs let you upload high resolution photos and videos to show customers what needs to be repaired and why. Enjoy higher Close Ratios and build trust with customers.

Meet Customers Where They’re At

Save yourself time and show your customers you respect theirs. Everyone has a favorite means of communication. With Tekmetric, you can let customers decide. Email or text DVIs for customers on the go. Print DVIs for customers who want to review details in person.

Indicate Severity

Make repair suggestions more manageable for your customers and get to the point fast with the Technician Concerns tool. Rank the urgency of repairs as red, yellow, and green to help customers prioritize repairs.

“Engagement with our clients has to be high caliber and proactive throughout the entire repair process. From the second they drive onto our lot, we walk out to their car, greet them, and begin documenting their concerns to make their visit as personalized and efficient as possible. Once we’ve made that personal connection, Tekmetric really shines with DVI, messaging, and lightning-fast estimate approvals by text or email.”

Andrew Minkler, Bavarian Motor Repairs

Handle Estimates Fast

Help customers feel confident in the approval process with easy-to-read estimates.

Send Digital Estimates

More and more customers want a paperless service experience. Speed up service and impress your guests by emailing or texting easy-to-read estimates.

Receive Digital Authorization

Make approving work extra convenient for your customers. Email, text, or print estimates with an authorization option for each job. Let customers provide digital signatures for the jobs that fit their needs.

Track Declined Jobs

Show customers that you have their interests in mind. Use their Declined Jobs history to follow up and send out service reminders that suggest upcoming repair work to keep their vehicles safe and sound.

Streamline Communication

Keep customers in the loop with Tekmessage True Two-Way Texting. Send messages directly from the Tekmetric dashboard. Give customers the freedom to step away from the shop.

True Two-Way Texting

Other systems might let you text updates to customers, but Tekmessage lets them text you back. All messages appear in Tekmetric’s intuitive dashboard. No need to leave the screen you’re on.

Elevate Customer Service

Gain customer trust with transparent service. You can check repair progress and text updates to customers without leaving the Job Board.

Document Customer Interactions

Remember what you and your customers have talked about. Tekmessage saves your message history so that you can look back on customer concerns and see what your team promised.

Tekmetric interface

Send Customers Home Happy

End on a high note. Update customers when their vehicle is ready and make payments a breeze. Keep customers coming back, and give them every reason to recommend your shop.

Easy-to-Read Invoices

Tekmetric generates professional invoices that leave no room for customer confusion. Like other Tekmetric documents, your service advisors can send invoices out by text or email, or print them at the shop. You can customize your invoices based on what you choose to provide to your customers. Invoices are saved to customer profiles, so you never have to dig through invoices again.

Prioritize Jobs

Welcome to frictionless payment collection. With Tekmerchant, customers can pay at their convenience, directly from their phones.

Tekmetric interface

Collaborate in High Gear

Streamline communication between you and your team. Technicians and service advisors can share information without ever leaving their work stations. Technicians can add comments to repair orders in progress and tag other team members. If technicians find new issues with a vehicle during a repair, they can tag a service advisor letting them know that they may need to revise the estimate and seek additional authorization. If your team is still waiting on a part, the technician can tag the parts manager in a comment to check on the part status.

Divvy Up Work

Empower your team to work together more efficiently. Service advisors can check technician workloads before assigning more work, and redistribute jobs as needed. Everyone knows their next move.

Visualize Your Workflow

Know the status of every repair order. With the Job Board, you can watch jobs progress from Estimates to Work-in-Progress to Completed. And because Tekmetric is a cloud-based Shop Management System, you can check on your shop from anywhere.

Tekmetric interface
“For the sake of my team, I wanted them to be able to accomplish more without simply working harder. If I can put a tool in their hands that helps them do their job in half the time, it empowers them to put more of their focus on client service and run a better shop. That's motivating. That's growing. That's transforming.”

Scott Elmore, Stan’s Automotive

Centralize Your Communications

Tekmetric interface on various devices