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See what other Tekmetric users are saying

"The main benefit we have from being a client is the amazing staff they have. They are very attentive to your specific needs, they always do what they say they will do and they are a U.S company!"

Matthew V.

Vaughn Automotive

"The company has excellent customer service and is refining the program based on customer feedback. They are helping us make more money and provide world-class service for our customers."

Terri M.

West Main Auto Repair

"Very intuitive. Digital inspections make it possible to show customers exactly what we see without them having to be at the shop. The entire process from checking a car in, to getting it back to the customer is streamlined, simplified, and customer friendly."

Christian B.

Luxury Auto Service

See what other Tuffy owners are saying

"Biggest thing I love is the transparency and how much better of an experience my stores are able to provide to customers. The software speaks for itself; within the first 6 weeks, I achieved the highest sales numbers ever at not just one but across all of my stores."

Mike Williams

Tuffy Huntersville, Tuffy Rocky Rover, and Tuffy Tryon

"Tekmetric is my 3rd software program in 7 years. This is by far the easiest and best solution I have experienced yet. My team is able to write complex repair orders in minutes compared to half an hour with past systems. The flexibility is tremendous with trekking orders, inventory, reconciliation and the communication with my customers for sharing estimates and invoices has made life so much easier. Since Day 1 my store experienced over 30% in ARO growth because of Tekmetric."

Joel Johnson

Tuffy Ankeny

"My March and April with Tekmetric have been THE highest sales numbers at this location ever. Outside of a system that allows me to be anywhere in the world and still view my shop, I'm always surprised with how helpful and attentive the help desk at Tekmetric really is. Everything about the system just work well and my customers love the transparency. I can text them an inspection with an estimate and walk them through the repairs over the phone with a visual component. This has proven to be a significant boost to the sales process and allowed us to gain further trust with our customers. I would be happy to talk with anyone considering the switch."

Loren Greenspon

Tuffy Chicago

Integrate With Other Repair Shop Systems

There's an incredible amount of insight when you collect details from the other systems you use.


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Unleash Your Shop's Potential

Tekmetric features make it easy to monitor and manage your auto repair business. We know what it takes to run a successful shop and that's why our features focus on improving the interactions between your customers, service writers, and technicians. Leverage your business data and grow profitably.
Tekmetric job board on Mac computer

Minimize Errors, Maximize Efficiencies, and Improve ARO

Check out just a few of our features below


Repair Orders

Assemble ROs in minutes with integrated labor guides, canned jobs, and customizable parts orders.
Update your customers with text message alerts and images of the work that needs to be done.
Increase your ARO and close ratio with full customer transparency.


Analytics & Reporting

Gather insights at a glance: GP percent, GP dollars, ARO, car count, close ratio and more.
See how your shop is running in realtime, from any device, anywhere there's internet.
Drill down to focus in on an individual shop, job, customer, or sales cycle.


Calendars & Appointments

Easily manage the workflow of your technicians.
Interactive calendars make it easy for service writers to manage busy schedules and help more clients.
Robust customer profile pages strengthen the relationship between clients and service writers.


Client Management

Add all of your clients and view customer history on unique customer profiles.
Save declined jobs so that you can remind clients next time they visit.
Create notes for client preferences to give them an extraordinary guest experience.


Inventory Management

Manage your shop inventory and save OEM parts all in one place.
Filter by type, or search by brand, part name, or part number.
Tags let you track inventory on-hand, in-use, ordered, and above or below stock.


Canned Jobs

Add and manage custom canned jobs for repair or maintenance services all in one location.
Search canned jobs by title.
Create custom canned vendor sublets.


Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI)

Built-in DVI saves Tekmetric users from having to use two separate systems for inspections and shop management.
Create custom inspections, configure vehicle findings, and upload photos.
Share inspection findings with clients via print, email, or text.


Labor & Parts Markup

Create multiple parts matrices for your shop , set a default matrix, and easily apply to estimates.
Automatically mark up labor hours and earn better margins.
Apply flat-rate markups or auto-apply markups on labor items found in MOTOR Labor guide.


Vendor Management

Add vendors and organize vendor information by contact, integrator, account rep name, store number, address, tax ID, and notes.
Manage purchase orders, sublet work, and return orders.
Easily search saved vendors by name, phone, email, or website.


Employee Management

From a single person shop to a huge franchise, create as many employee profiles as needed.
Select employee roles, set or adjust flat rate or salary pay, configure access permissions.
View employee schedules, jobs, and sales across shops.


Customize Labor & Parts Rates

Configure all of your labor rates, fees, parts markup and taxes in one place.
Adjust whether customers can or can't see labor rates on estimates.
Enter as many labor rates as you need.


Messaging & Alerts

Send job statuses to customers via SMS or email estimates/invoices with the click of a button.
Receive order status and inventory messages; know when you're running low on parts, or when a part is ready for pick-up, or in another shop.
Connect your technicians and service writers so that they never miss a beat.


Tire Management

Add tire-specific details to your inventory and apply a preset tire tax matrix or disposal fee to any job.
Track taxable tire sales, non-taxable tire sales, and tire tax collected for a certain day, week, month, or year.
Create canned jobs for tire work - including tire rotations, tire patching, and tire installation.


Part Orders

Track parts ordering for your s hop by recording invoices, marking parts as delivered, and placing returns.
Use PartsTech and Nexpart to seamlessly order from as many suppliers as you need.
Search orders by PO number, part or vender; view order status, payment method, order date, RO number, and more on a single dashboard.


Custom Printing

Print inspections and repair orders for technicians on demand.
Control what appears on printed estimates, invoices, inspections, and ROs - including your shop's address, phone number, email, website, and logo.
Print estimates and invoices for customers on-demand.


Tekmerchant Payment Processing

Mobile payments
No contracts or hidden fees
Secure technology


Time Clocks

Manage employee working times throughout the day.


Vehicle Management

Monitor the efficiency of vehicle repairs

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