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Empowering Shops With BG Products

BG Products, Inc. offers the automotive world high-quality maintenance products for fuel systems, engines, cooling systems, transmissions, power steering, brakes, climate control systems, and batteries. With Tekmetric's BG integration, your shop can now seamlessly promote and sell BG jobs, providing an excellent customer experience backed by BG's industry-leading products.

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Integrate BG Canned Jobs into Estimates & ROs

Tekmetric's BG integration makes it easy for service advisors to recommend BG products and include BG canned jobs on estimates & repair orders. Service advisors can add multiple BG services with the click of a button.

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tablet with Tekmetric and BG integration

Track BG Sales Within Tekmetric

Tekmetric's BG integration makes it easy to track direct BG sales and the buying histories of individual customers. View the profits you make on BG products, adjust your BG promotions, and meet your customers' exact needs.

Backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®

Build trust with customers by including the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® on all BG services. With Tekmetric's BG integration, it's easier than ever to share the accompanying Lifetime BG Protection Plan® on your customers' invoice—whether it's in a text, an email, or on a printed repair order.

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Experience the Power of Tekmetric for Yourself!

When auto repair shops use Tekmetric to sell BG Products, they maximize their sales. See how Tekmetric and BG Products work fluidly together to grow your business.

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