Save Time and Service More Cars With Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Digital vehicle inspection software reporting can provide valuable insights into how to coach your team and take their performance to the next level.
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Get a more complete view of how your team can use digital vehicle inspection reports to drive higher ROI.

Digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) have the capability to completely transform your auto repair shop. And with DVI reporting, you gain a robust view of your overall DVI performance so you can improve team performance, enhance the customer experience, and save time and money.

For part 1 of our series on DVI reporting, let’s take a look at how digital vehicle inspection software reporting can be a window into team performance, showing you what each technician and service advisor is doing well, and what they could be doing better.

On your DVI reports, you might see that some technicians have a higher inspection completion rate than others, or that not all DVIs are being sent to customers. Truthfully, your shop’s inspection completion rate and your percentage of DVIs sent to customers should both be 100%.

Unless there are rare, extenuating circumstances, there is no reason to start a digital vehicle inspection but not complete it, or to complete a digital vehicle inspection but not send it to the customer.

What to do if DVIs aren’t being completed

If you see that DVIs are either not being completed or not being sent, that’s your cue to step in, coach, and find ways to help your team improve.

Gently remind your team members to make sure they send each inspection to the customer.

Also, examine ways to build reminders into your shop’s process so that team members are more likely to remember to send DVIs to customers. Achieving a perfect DVI send rate can lead to a huge increase in your ARO.

If running off a few flyers reminding your team to send DVIs to customers and posting them in key locations around your shop(s) gets you to a 100% send rate, that’s well worth the investment.

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How to Coach Technicians to improve Their DVI efficiency

A digital vehicle inspection report should show the average number of findings per inspection, the average time per inspection for your shop(s), and the average time spent per inspection type.

For example, you should be able to see the average time spent on a 24-point vehicle inspection versus an 18-point vehicle inspection. 

If a particular technician takes longer than average to complete DVIs, but averages a lower number of findings per inspection, coach them on how to increase efficiency while also performing more thorough inspections. 

On the other hand, if one of your technicians is averaging less time per inspection but also averages a low number of findings per inspection, there is a chance that the technician is pencil whipping (moving too hastily through the inspection process).

In that case, show them how to take their time and improve their results. Of course, the number of findings and time spent per inspection will depend on the specific issues each car has.

If a technician inspects a car that is falling apart, they will probably record more findings on that inspection, but if they inspect a vehicle that is well-maintained, they will probably record a lot less.

Regardless, a digital vehicle inspection report will give you a starting point to maximize the efficacy of your team.

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Improve Team Performance with Advanced DVI Reporting

DVI reporting equips you to make immediate adjustments that get results—fast. Tekmetric offers the most advanced DVI reporting in the industry.

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