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Automatic Tire DOT# RegistrationAutomatic Tire DOT# Registration
September 26, 2023

With the Tiremetrix integration turned on, shops can now automatically register tire DOT#s when a repair order gets posted.

Product Updates
RO Requirement WarningsRO Requirement Warnings
September 12, 2023

Quickly see when a required field, from Shop Settings, is missing data with a new warning icon.

Product Updates
Towed-In Appointment OptionTowed-In Appointment Option
August 31, 2023

When checking in a customer, you can now select "towed-in vehicle" as an appointment option.

Product Updates
DOT# EnhancementsDOT# Enhancements
August 30, 2023

Tire DOT# can now be added or edited in multiple places on repair orders within Tekmetric.

Product Updates
Outstanding A/R Balance Warning BannerOutstanding A/R Balance Warning Banner
August 25, 2023

Now a warning banner will appear when creating an RO, appointment, or taking payment on an open RO if there is an outstanding balance in A/R for a customer.

Product Updates
Tekmetric Multi-Shop: Inventory Search Across ShopsTekmetric Multi-Shop: Inventory Search Across Shops
August 17, 2023

Tekmetric Multi-Shop users can now easily search across the inventory of all other shops within their organization.

Product Updates
Default InspectionsDefault Inspections
August 16, 2023

Save time by creating default digital vehicle inspections that automatically get added to every RO in your shop.

Product Updates
Tire Part NumberTire Part Number
August 9, 2023

Tekmetric now allows users to enter part number on tire part types.

Product Updates
More Customer TagsMore Customer Tags
August 8, 2023

After customer feedback we have now added four more customer tags: Military, Family & Friends, Fleet, and Warranty.

Product Updates
Customer TagsCustomer Tags
August 4, 2023

Add tags on customer profiles to quickly communicate across the shop that a customer is an MVP all the way to someone you no longer service.

Product Updates
Multi-Shop Shared Customer History Multi-Shop Shared Customer History
July 13, 2023

This new feature allows you to access your customers' entire service history across all shops within your organization, no matter which shop they've been to.

Product Updates
BG Canned Jobs UpdateBG Canned Jobs Update
June 14, 2023

Now pick from 23 different BG specific canned jobs so you can quickly create ROs that require BG products.

Product Updates
Tekmerchant: Buy Now, Pay LaterTekmerchant: Buy Now, Pay Later
May 31, 2023

Give your customers the ability to pay for services with buy now, pay later giving them a convenient and flexible payment options at checkout using Affirm or Klarna.

Product Updates
Refund Invoices Refund Invoices
April 4, 2023

Refund invoices allow you to easily reflect refunds on your posted ROs by creating a negative invoice.

Product Updates
Multi-Shop Multi-Shop
April 3, 2023

Tekmetric Multi-Shop is a platform that provides multi-shop owners and users a central location to run an entire organization, no matter how many shops.

Product Updates
Custom RO LabelsCustom RO Labels
March 14, 2023

Tekmetric provides a comprehensive set of configurable RO labels as well as preset workflow statuses for you to track your work and manage the state of ROs in your shop.

Product Updates
Carquest IntegrationCarquest Integration
December 15, 2022

The Carquest Parts Integration is a direct integration with Carquest and will allow you to quote and order parts through your existing Carquest Parts account.

Product Updates
Change Technician on ROChange Technician on RO
November 30, 2022

Tekmetric customers are able to swap the technician on ROs that have already been posted and view associated updates in the Activity Feed and relevant areas within Reporting.

Product Updates
Tekmerchant Bug FixTekmerchant Bug Fix
November 17, 2022

There were missing payments in Tekmetric which this update fixed.

Product Updates
Custom Financial ReportsCustom Financial Reports
November 10, 2022

Create custom reports for your shop where you can pick from over 50 metrics and compare to different time periods.

Product Updates
Appointment and Calendar UpdatesAppointment and Calendar Updates
November 10, 2022

Revised the layout and positioning of views, filters, and settings/print icons, and ability to sort by RO.

Product Updates
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