Tekmetric 101

Transitioning to a new shop management system can be overwhelming. You've got enough on your plate. Our onboarding process is much more than just a setup wizard or a series of emails. We are with you every step of the way from sign-up to continuously helping your shop reach its fullest potential.


Software Training

Finding time for everyone in your shop to get up-to-speed can be hard. You and your team will have unlimited access to join one of our 10+ Bootcamps each week


Data Migration

You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg just to have access to your valuable service history. Tekmetric offers affordable data migration from most shop management systems.


Launch Day

It can take as little as one day to be up and running with Tekmetric. We are there for you as you set up your shop through hypercare - the first 30 days after the launch.

Get Your Team Up to Speed

Whether you’re transitioning your entire shop to a new system or onboarding a new employee, showing a team member how to use your shop management software should be quick and easy. We designed Tekmetric to be as user-friendly as possible. Any user can be trained on Tekmetric in less than two hours, and we offer unlimited access to our easy-to-follow webinars that answer your biggest operational questions. Tekmetric trainers can go inside your business to show your team how our shop management system works, and we also offer screen-share remote training with members of our onboarding team. By the time your shop is ready to launch Tekmetric, every service writer and technician will be an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to connect my shop to Tekmetric?

Because Tekmetric requires an internet connection, we recommend that your shop(s) have a secure Wi-Fi network. You can also use devices connected to a cellular network, or tether devices to your phone.

What all can I track with Tekmetric?

Tekmetric allows you to track virtually all work and performance along a myriad of metrics:

- Appointments
- Inventory
- Repair Orders
- Customers
- Vendors
- Canned Jobs
- Employees
- Inspections
- End of Day Sales
- Sale Details
- Sales Tax
- Tire Tax
- Profit Details
- Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payable
- Fees- Discounts
- And more!

How do I scale my business with Tekmetric?

We price Tekmetric subscriptions by shops, not users. When you’re ready to open a new shop, all you need to do is purchase another subscription, and your new shop is ready to run on Tekmetric. Tracking tools and integrated marketing services will also make it easy to explore new ways to improve your sales and operations process, gain new customers, and build customer loyalty.

How much does Tekmetric cost?

Tekmetric subscriptions include unlimited users on any device for a single shop. To learn more, visit our pricing page or give us a call at (832) 930-9400.

How many user or devices can I use with Tekmetric?

Unlimited. Seriously. All of your mechanics, technicians, service writers, and managers can have access to the Tekmetric platform, and you, the shop owner, can regulate who has access and who does not.

What happens if my internet goes down?

If your internet goes out, you can tether to a cellular device. Tekmetric is designed to be light. It operates fast, even on connection speeds of less than 1mb per second, meaning that it’s mobile friendly from a cellular connection. Hell, you can even connect to dial-up and run Tekmetric without seeing a slow down in operation speed.

How difficult is it to use Tekmetric?

Because we took a material design approach to developing Tekmetric, our platform is very simple and easy to use. And we’re not saying this just because we built it; our users have said it, too.
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How long is training?

On average, training sessions take 2 hours. We also offer a Shop Setup Training and Technician only training that lasts 1 hour each.

Can I really use Tekmetric on any device?

Yes. Tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptop—anything with access to internet and a Google Chrome browser can run Tekmetric.

Should I use Tekmetric on Window or Mac operating system?

Either works! Tekmetric is OS Agnostic. You can use it on almost any operating system as long as it supports the Google Chrome browser.

What browser should I use?

Tekmetric was designed and optimized to run on Google Chrome.

How often do you update Tekmetric?

Because we are always looking for minor and major ways to improve Tekmetric, we typically update Tekmetric at least once a month. Updates may include new integrations, features, tracking metrics, shortcuts, or design changes that make Tekmetric easier to use.

Can I transfer my data from my current system into Tekmetric?

Tekmetric can migrate data from over 150+ Shop Management Systems. The data included in the migration varies from system to system. You can find more details about what data comes over from your system by contacting us.