Protect Your Margins

Improve your profits with Tekmetric’s built-in Parts Matrix and Labor Matrix. Set markups for parts and labor, and make it easy for your service advisors to apply the right markup to each and every job. Gather insights from real-time reports so you can fine-tune your matrices and surpass your shop’s goals.

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“At the end of the day, the world runs on math. If you don't know what the math is, you don't know what you're doing; you have no clue whether you made money or whether you lost money. You're just throwing quotes out there and hoping you make a profit. With Tekmetric, I can see in real time what my markup is, what it's going to be, and what it should be to reach our goals. I can give my service writers a bottom dollar: what they need to sell it for. And they can quickly see all that right in Tekmetric.”

Karl Roekle, Ultimate Auto Repair

Create Custom Parts Matrices

Tekmetric lets you set up multiple parts matrices or apply a flat rate to parts on estimates. If your shop sells tires, dealership parts, or any other type of specialty part, you can set custom parts matrices for different types of parts. Protect your bottom line by adjusting your parts markups as needed.

Apply the Right Markup for Every Part

Set one parts matrix to be auto-applied across all ROs, and let service advisors apply specialty parts matrices as needed. From the inventory screen, you can set another markup matrix to auto-apply to a specific part.

Fine-Tune Your Labor & Parts Profits With Real-Time Reports

Measure the impact of your markups in real time. Learn exactly how much profit you're making off of labor and parts—in dollars and percentages—by accessing your shop’s profit summary in the End-of-Day Report. You can see your Total Profits, Average Profits, and Profit Margins. Adjust your strategy and configure your matrices to grow your margins and run your shop with confidence.

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Auto repair shop team

Built-In Matrices for a Smooth Workflow

Don’t get hung up on markups. Because markups and matrices are built into Tekmetric, service advisors can apply just the right markups to each and every job. With Tekmetric’s workflow tools, building estimates, helping customers, and working together as a team become one seamless process for your shop.

“We retrained our employees on the profitability of our labor margins, parts margins, and gross profit margins. It simplified us overall. We set the bar, trained our employees, and now they know our expectations. Tekmetric was a huge help in achieving our system overhaul. Using Tekmetric’s tools, we’re able to see the profitability of each job. Our markups, our parts makeup, our labor matrix—it’s all there. And now that we’ve overhauled and perfected our system, we’ve been able to take it to the new store and duplicate it.”

Jim Brown, Speed Auto Repair

More Money, Less Problems

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