long live independent auto repair

The cloud-based shop management system you've been looking for.

long live independent auto repair

The cloud-based shop management system you've been looking for.
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Tekmetric is the cloud-based shop management system designed for Auto Repair Professionals who are driving the industry forward. With the power of Tekmetric, empower your team, modernize your customer experience, and make better business decisions backed by real-time metrics.
smart jobs
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smart jobs

Quickly and efficiently create repair orders in just a few clicks giving your service advisors the valuable time they need to focus on your customers. 

featured release

integrated payment processing

Seamlessly integrate your payments with your shop management system to keep all your important information in one place.

integrated payment processing
digital vehicle inspections

digital vehicle inspections

Provide clear and consistent inspections to build lasting trust with your customers.

real-time reporting

Quickly be able to see the overall health of your shop from anywhere to be able to make informed decisions.

real-time reporting


Have everything you need to manage all your shops in one place from wherever you are.

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We make it easy for your team to transition quickly.

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Your old data in your new system from the start.


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When we switched to Tekmetric, it was like going from Atari to Playstation 5. It's SO thoughtfully well designed and they LISTEN to their users and make changes to make their lives easier. The product has gone through so many updates in a few years I've been using them. The updates are always well thought out. Anytime I've ever needed personal help using the product, their support team is very responsive and helpful. I can't recommend Tekmetric any higher.

- Matt R.

Powerful tool for the modern shop. The amount of information that is available to the front desk, the service advisor and the technician at a glance is very impressive and the functionality of it together is great.

- Moises M.
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