Auto Repair Shop
Management Software

Digital vehicle inspections, estimates, repair orders, inventory, job progress, customer communication, invoices & more.


Improve Organization & Boost Profits


Customer Trust & Communication

Enhance your auto repair shop’s customer service with the ability to build customer profiles, review customer history, send emails and text messages, share DVIs with estimates and repair orders for approvals, and accept mobile payments.


Metrics & Finances

Monitor your auto mechanic shop’s key performance indicators, including close ratio, average repair orders, car count, gross profit percent, profit margins, labor hours, and mechanic labor efficiency.


Order Parts & Manage Employees

Manage your auto repair garage by accessing labor guides, ordering parts, cataloging inventory, scheduling calendars, and creating vendor profiles. Communication tools create a seamless workflow between service advisors, shop owners, mechanics, and customers.

Shop Management Features at Your Fingertips

Tekmetric Reviews

The main benefit we have from being a client is the amazing staff they have. They are very attentive to your specific needs, they always do what they say they will do and they are a U.S company!
Matthew V., Owner
Vaughn Automotive
The company has excellent customer service and is refining the program based on customer feedback. They are helping us make more money and provide world-class service for our customers.
Terri M., Owner
West Main Auto Repair
Very intuitive. Digital inspections make it possible to show customers exactly what we see without them having to be at the shop. The entire process from checking a car in, to getting it back to the customer is streamlined, simplified, and customer friendly.
Christian B., Owner
Jackson Auto Repair

Integrate With Other Repair Shop Systems

There's an incredible amount of insight when you collect details from the other systems you use.

Credit card processing & text-to-pay made easy.

Communicate with your customers via two-way texting.

Gather Insights from Shops Across the U.S. & Canada

Tekmetric monitors economical trends to show how the industry is performing as a whole.

Go Ahead, Kick The Tires

Curious to see how Tekmetric works? Schedule a live demo. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.