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We help automotive repair shops thrive by providing the means to be better every single day.

We’re the guys and gals who can recognize the hum of a healthy powertrain or the click of a faulty starter with our eyes shut tight. We’re the masters of our craft, forged by our family. We’re the legacy of a local shop owner, willing to take a chance on a kid with grease on their hands, a fire in their belly, and a love of cars in their heart.

get to know us
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Sunil Patel

CEO and Founder
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Taylor Fuqua

Chief Technology Officer
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Karina Amanullah

People and Culture
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David Weiner

Chief Revenue Officer
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Beth Jones

Vice President of Finance

"At Tekmetric, we strive to build strong relationships with our users to support their business growth."

Sunil Patel


The Tekmetric Shop Management System enables auto repair shops to provide superior customer service, streamline workflows, and scale their business.

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Empowering the enduring success of independent auto repair

More than a tech company, Tekmetric is a customer success and customer experience champion. Our experts and support team solve problems with empathy, proactivity and with real knowledge of the shop floor and our software.

When you switch to Tekmetric, your shop's data is migrated seamlessly, so you have it on day one. We train your team so that everyone feels confident using the new system. We regularly check in with you and your team and help you navigate the technology.  

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers to get it done. 

customer support
"Tekmetric's customer success team is that customer service powerhouse that sets them ahead (let's not forget their product is superior as well) in Shop Management Software."
James W., Shop Owner
"Tekmetric has made life easier for my team and guests—and it’s also boosted our productivity and revenue."
Austin Blanton, Import Auto, Inc Shop Owner

Always Improving

As you continue to grow, so too does Tekmetric. We don’t settle. We step up. Continuously adding features to the platform, we help shop owners reclaim their time and give the shop team the tools they need to power performance.

Tekmetric allows auto repair shops to realize innovation after innovation, enhancing customer relationships, supporting teams, and making the most of new opportunities. 

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