How Garagisti Transformed Its Customer Experience with Tekmetric

In the fiercely competitive automotive repair industry, delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for business success.
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Sam Craven, an automotive enthusiast turned entrepreneur, knew that when he opened his Houston-based automotive shop, Garagisti, customer service would be a key differentiator. 

“While fixing the car correctly is fundamentally important, the customer experience is what makes the real difference.”

From his shop’s beginning, Sam strategically leveraged Tekmetric to elevate his customer experience, yielding remarkable results in average repair order, customer feedback and more.

Driven by Customer Service

As a marketing and business development expert with a passion for cars, Sam recognized that exceptional customer service would be the key differentiator in the industry. 

He understood that trust and loyalty lie at the heart of a successful shop, and he wanted to target long-term customers by building those relationships from the beginning.

“Most people think we’re just here to fix cars, but that’s not actually the foundation of what we do,” Sam said. “While fixing the car correctly is fundamentally important, the customer experience is what makes the real difference.”

Determined to not just meet, but exceed, customer expectations, Sam set out to find a solution that would elevate Garagisti's performance in delivering a seamless and satisfying customer experience. 

Selecting a Customer-Centric System

Tekmetric's  digital vehicle inspections (DVIs), customer communication tools and overall streamlined process offered significant value in transforming the shop’s customer experience.

“It was the most advanced system and easiest for our customer,” Sam noted. “I love the numbers side for business management, but the biggest asset I saw was the process – the show and tell process – of the DVIs, and how we could control the entire interaction, starting from the time the customer initiates the purchase decision.” 

By integrating Tekmetric into the everyday of shop life and leveraging its key features –, including DVIs and transparent communication tools, – Sam's team quickly gained their customer’s trust and confidence. Tekmetric’s versatile features proved invaluable to the experience they were creating.

“One thing that’s unique about our process: the advisor goes over the DVI on the phone with the customer,” Sam said. “They go line-by-line through the technician’s notes. The advisor makes recommendations he believes are important for the car to function safely. That’s the customer’s first interaction with Tekmetric – and it’s usually what wows people.”

Transform Your Customer Experience

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Track Every Step, Identify Gaps and  Optimize Your Process

As a customer-centric business owner, Sam is also extremely data-driven. He knew he needed software that would align with the key metrics he wanted to track. From his shop’s launch, he monitored as much data as possible – from gross profit to labor rates. 

He knew he would need a solution that could provide accurate, relevant data for himself and his team, while also supporting Garagisti in creating an excellent experience for their customers.

“It means I can go out and have the confidence to get another shop open – there’s room for growth.

After rigorous research and testing, Sam selected Tekmetric as Garagisti's software solution due to its advanced features and customer-centric interface. The decision was driven by concrete data that showcased Tekmetric's potential to revolutionize Garagisti's operations. 

Enhancing Trust and Growing Revenue

Since implementing Tekmetric, Garagisti has experienced substantial growth in revenue and car count. 

The shop’s average repair order (ARO) has consistently exceeded industry standards, averaging $1,600 per repair from the shop’s first few months open. Sam attributes this success to Garagisti's commitment to customer-centricity, effective utilization of Tekmetric's capabilities and his team’s dedication.

“The people we have here are crushing it,” Sam shares. “It means I can go out and have the confidence to get another shop open – there’s room for growth. That type of business comes from three things: hiring really good people, taking care of your customers and consistently monitoring your data.”

Garagisti's commitment to transparency and the seamless integration of Tekmetric have also resulted in numerous positive customer experiences. The shop’s customers consistently share excellent reviews, many of which mention the value of Tekmetric and its features. 

I have everything in one place. It makes long-term and short-term decision-making easier.”

One key reviewer noted, “Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable. From customer service to doing the job, I had complete trust. They have a convenient system that lets you pick what you’d like done right away and what you’ll wait on. They truly care about your vehicle.”

Expanding Opportunities for the Future

The success of integrating Tekmetric has enabled Sam to expand Garagisti's footprint.

Recently, Garagisti acquired a second location, and plans are underway to open two additional branches. Leveraging two years' worth of invaluable data from Tekmetric, Sam confidently forecasts staffing requirements, allocates resources effectively and develops growth strategies.

He emphasized, "anytime we need to grow, I can look at the data and make a decision based on Tekmetric. I have everything in one place. It makes long-term and short-term decision-making easier.”

Sam’s experience exemplifies the transformative impact of integrating Tekmetric to enhance the customer experience from the beginning. 

Through his unwavering commitment to customer service, and the effective utilization of Tekmetric's key features, Garagisti achieved impressive results in revenue growth, ARO optimization and customer satisfaction. 

Garagisti’s success and growth in the last two years highlight the importance of customer-centricity, operational efficiency and the right technological partner in driving business growth and success.

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