Simplify the Complexity of Multi-Shop Management

Be more agile and grow the profitability of your shops.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

When your data is difficult to analyze and lags behind the flow of your shops, it’s impossible to react to real-time challenges, let alone innovate and explore new opportunities for your business.

Tekmetric puts you in the driver’s seat so that you can transform the way your business runs. The faster you can gain insight into your shops, the faster you can refine processes, respond to challenges, and grow your business.

When your shops run on Tekmetric, you can quickly access and analyze key performance metrics, including ARO, Car Count, Gross Profit Dollars, and so much more.

A Transparent, Modern Customer Experience

Tekmetric gives your service advisors more opportunities to build trust with customers at every one of your shops. With Customer Profiles, your team can provide personalized service based on customers’ preferences and their vehicle history. From there, service advisors can use Digital Vehicle Inspections to prioritize repair work with customers. Customers can approve repair work from their phones, and receive updates from service advisors so that they’re always in the loop. When it’s time to pay, Tekmetric makes it easy for customers to pay from their phones or in-person.

Elevate the customer experience at each stage of the repair process to build a positive reputation with drivers that will last for years to come.

Best-in-Class Support for Data Migration & Onboarding

The key to a seamless transition to a new shop management system is careful planning and strategy—and that shouldn’t all be on your shoulders. Tekmetric’s customer success team works with multi-shop owners to craft methodical roll-out plans that minimize disruption as your switching systems.

We want your team to feel excited and confident about using Tekmetric to reach their full potential. We work hand-in-hand with your team to get them up to speed so that they flourish in their roles.

Tekmetric’s data migration and onboarding process has been tried, tested, and refined through extensive experience with multi-shop owners and enterprise clients.

Ongoing Support

Shop management support doesn't stop once you've made the change. You can always count on us to answer questions and provide ongoing support so that you can keep your business moving forward.

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Industry-Leading Integrations

Tekmetric's BG integration makes it easy to track direct BG sales and the buying histories of individual customers. View the profits you make on BG products, adjust your BG promotions, and meet your customers' exact needs.

Upgrade Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Build trust with customers by including the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® on all BG services. With Tekmetric's BG integration, it's easier than ever to share the accompanying Lifetime BG Protection Plan® on your customers' invoice—whether it's in a text, an email, or on a printed repair order.

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Set Every One of Your Shops Up for Success

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