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From the Auto Shop Days

The pursuit of innovation

Our founder, Sunil, ran a successful shop for a decade, but it wasn’t without its challenges. 

Many long nights were spent in the shop, and a lot of the issues stemmed from outdated shop management systems. Despite trying all the established programs and platforms, they proved unreliable and had poor reporting capabilities. Ultimately, it made it difficult to determine what was going well in the business – and what wasn’t. 

Sunil became so frustrated that by 2015, he had begun working with a small team to create a better shop management software. The solution was designed to address many of the challenges that everyone in the industry was facing.

from the auto shop days

“I needed a shop management system that wasn’t too complicated but helped me streamline my shop. When I couldn’t find it, I set out to build it.”

Sunil Patel

The Beginning of Tekmetric

Building software above the lifts of the shop

From the early days of Tekmetric, the team has been guided by two core principles: trust and transparency.

You don't need to be an auto industry veteran to know that customers can be wary when walking into a new shop. It's your job to make them feel comfortable, every step of the way. That's why, from day one, we’ve made intentional decisions with trust and transparency in mind for our customers.

With innovation, actionable data and best-in-class support all factored in, a flexible, community-driven solution was born, one that always puts customer experience first.

the beginning


At Tekmetric, we understand that building trust with customers is essential to the success of any auto repair business. 

That's why we've built our platform with features that prioritize transparency and communication, with real-time, holistic visibility into shop and employee performance to help identify bottlenecks, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that improve productivity. 

We’re relentlessly committed to growth, and continue to improve and innovate, with the customer experience at the core of every move we make.

getting started
P.J. Leslie, Tekmetric Employee

“From day one, we’ve thought of ourselves as being in the auto repair industry first. Our mission is to improve the entire industry; software just happens to be how we do that. Early on, it was just all about figuring out how to get things done. Long days, late nights, sharing hotel rooms, taking cheap flights, lots of windshield time, and a ton of coffee is how we kept the lights on back then. We’re just as scrappy and determined now, but we’ve been fortunate to partner with thousands of independent repair shops that continue to fuel us.”

"In the early days, it was all about survival and we would talk to anyone who would listen. We knew there was a need because we had run shops for years, we knew we had the right mission because we saw how consumers purchased in other industries, and we knew we had to help shop owners realize that the consumers wanted more from their repair shops. Its awesome to see the impact we've begun to make and can't wait to see where it goes from here!"

Adam McInturff, Tekmetric Employee
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