Organizational Change Management

The key to a successful shop management system rollout is a seamless transition that limits your enterprise’s time of disruption. Tekmetric’s organizational change management (OCM) process has been tried, tested, and perfected through extensive experience with enterprise clients. To date, the Tekmetric team has effectively executed rollouts for more than 200 enterprise locations across the country in less than 90 days.

Strategy & Planning

Tekmetric partners with you and your stakeholders to develop an optimal rollout strategy. Our team can take each franchise through the training and onboarding process in measured phases at your preferred communication cadence.

Training Bootcamp & Webinars

Tekmetric Bootcamp is designed to quickly bring your franchises up to speed. Every user in your enterprise has unlimited access to our easy-to-follow webinars that are designed to answer their biggest questions. By the time each location is ready to roll out, every service writer and technician under its roof will be a Tekmetric expert. In addition to Tekmetric's bootcamp training and webinars, we can also build a custom Learning Management System (LMS) that adheres to your processes.


Tekmetric's API enables you to fully leverage the technology at your fingertips. We help you set up and customize your shop's key integration, shop settings, and more. See our Integrations page for more information about current and upcoming integrations.

Data Migration

Tekmetric's in-house data migration team has handled data migration for more than 200 enterprise auto repair shops. We work closely with your team to determine what data needs to be migrated, developing a customized data migration strategy that is tailored to your enterprise. Once your strategy is developed and your plan is in place, we can swiftly execute the rollout. Our data migration team is currently able to perform more than 50 data migrations per day. This rapid pace will help limit your time spent juggling two shop management systems while you transition to Tekmetric.

Ongoing Technical Support

Shop management support doesn't stop once you've made the change. From your launch day, Tekmetric is here whenever you need us to answer questions and provide ongoing support for your teams - from individual franchisees to your corporate C-suite.

See It For Yourself

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