Simplify Your Shop’s Workflow

Take teamwork and efficiency to the next level. Fine-tune your shop’s entire process— and provide quick and reliable service to your customers, close more jobs, and build your team’s confidence. Tekmetric’s Job Board and Tech Board provide the certainty and awareness your team needs to reach their full potential.

Your High-Performance Workflow Starts With Tekmetric

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Shops to Streamline Repair Work

“Our shop layout isn’t conducive for the service advisor to walk all the way back to the shop to talk to the tech. Tekmetric creates a more connected shop. Whenever a repair gets approved, everyone is made aware of it. When a customer authorizes a repair, the parts guy knows, the technician knows—everybody knows. Even when the parts arrive, everybody becomes aware.”

Stephane Grabina, Excluservice
“The immediate result was that everybody could instantly see with a click what everyone else was talking about. The technician could put their notes in there: what they saw and what they didn't see. It's so nice for the service writer to be able to see the customer's notes and the technician’s notes. The customer came in with this complaint. We addressed it. This is the problem. The technician also found this. And everybody can see that live, instantly.”

Karl Roekle, Ultimate Auto Repair
“Tekmetric has worked very well for us. All my guys love it. They love being paperless and doing digital inspections. They all have iPads, and a few of my guys even use their phones. It just makes things easier. You can teach anyone how to use it. We don’t have to walk back and forth from the front office to the back all day long, so it’s easier to communicate. The digital inspections have all the pictures right there with typed up descriptions of what needs to be done. It’s much easier to sell a job when everything’s written on the inspection, and you have the pictures to back it up.”

Jim Brown, Speed Auto Repair

Job Board: Watch Repairs Move Through the Repair Process

In Tekmetric, you can create and save custom inspections that clearly guide technicians through the inspection process. Maintenance inspections, diesel vehicle inspections, transmission inspections—any type of service your shop commonly provides, you can create an inspection for it. Once an inspection is saved in your system, it’s easy for service advisors to assign inspections to technicians at a moment's notice.

Track Auto Repair Stages on the Job Board


New repair orders automatically appear on the Job Board. With just a few clicks, service advisors can task technicians with running a Digital Vehicle Inspection. After the DVI, service advisors can write up an estimate and send it to the customer for digital authorization.


Once a customer authorizes repair work, their RO Card slides into the Work-In-Progress column. As technicians complete labor lines, service advisors can see the percentage of work completed on the blue progress bar located on the RO Card. No need to get up and interrupt technicians while they’re turning the wrenches.


When technicians have finished all approved repair work, the RO is marked as “Complete.” Service advisors can click into the RO to send invoices, collect payments, or even post bills to Accounts Receivable.

Power More Sales With RO Notes and Summaries

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Quickly add in RO notes, updating anyone who has access to the Job Board on that specific repair order’s status.

View each RO Summary to personalize each customers’ experience. They provide deeper insights into the repair order and the customer’s history with your shop.

See Customer Lifetime Stats, including their Lifetime Close Ratio, Lifetime ARO, and Lifetime Profit. With this information, your team knows how to approach each customer to maximize sales.

Check each customer’s job history to view any jobs that have been saved for later, or repeat jobs that can easily be added to the estimate. You can also access declined work so service advisors can encourage customers to approve previously declined work.

Make Life Easier for Your Team

Give your team the tools they need to get in the zone, stay in the zone, and succeed. See exactly what’s going on with one glance at the Job Board, instead of circling around your shop for updates. With the Job Board, you can trust your team to take the lead.

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Gain More Visibility Into Your Repair Process

See how your workflow is being impacted in real time. With the Job Board, your service advisors can get a picture of all the current repair orders at your shop, and how far along each repair is.

Data from the Job Board is repopulated on the Real-Time Service Writer Report, so you can see how much work under each service advisor is pending, in-progress, or has been declined. See bottlenecks? You can step in and find solutions fast.

Keep Customers In the Loop

Because you and your team can view RO statuses and see how far along each repair order is by looking at the progress bar, your shop can always give customers accurate updates on their repairs. If an RO is waiting on parts due to a supply chain issue, the service advisor can text the customer an update directly from Tekmetric. When a job is marked complete, your team can notify the customer with the click of a button.

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Weave Transparency into Your Shop

Use pictures and videos to show customers exactly what needs to be repaired and why. With Tekmetric’s Digital Vehicle Inspections, technicians can color-code findings to help customers decide what repair work should be taken care of immediately, and what may be able to wait for their next visit. You can text or email inspections directly to customers’ smartphones for a simple, modern customer experience.

Widen Your Margins

In Tekmetric’s Shop Settings, you can customize your shop’s parts and labor markups to lock in your margins. Analyze your profits reports and make fine-tuned adjustments to your markup matrices to maintain profitability.

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Tech Board: See Who’s Turning Wrenches

Enable your team to dispatch repair work with more efficiency than ever before. Service advisors can see how much work each tech has on their plate from a single screen.

See What Needs to Be Assigned, All in One Place

The first column on the Tech Board lists all repair orders that need a technician assigned, so your service advisors can see exactly which jobs need to be dispatched. Each technician in your shop has their own column, showing how much work they have Assigned, Complete, and Incomplete.

And with the added built-in timer feature, technicians can clock their time to keep service advisors in the loop as jobs progress, all without leaving their bays.

Efficiently Dispatch Repairs

Be more strategic when distributing repair work. If an RO has multiple jobs, service advisors can split up the work across two or more technicians to speed things up, prevent burnout, and exceed customer expectations.

Prioritize Jobs

Some jobs need attention faster than others. Service advisors can pin urgent jobs to the top of technicians’ assigned work columns, helping techs know when to shift gears.

Collaborate With the Noise Filtered Out

With the built-in timer feature on repair orders, technicians can clock their time to keep service advisors in the loop as jobs progress without leaving their bays. Since everyone on your team is collaborating without interruption, repairs will get out the door faster.

Your customers will remember your speediness the next time they need a repair.

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Get Customers Their Cars Back Faster

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