Show Customers You Care With Digital Vehicle Inspections

No more working late to figure out your numbers. Discover correlations between metrics to identify gaps and maximize performance. Tekmetric’s real-time reports upgrade your insights across all areas of your shop so that you can build a business where your team thrives and customers keep coming back.

“The digital vehicle inspections have all the pictures right there with typed up descriptions of what needs to be done. It’s much easier to sell a job when everything’s written on the inspection, and you have the pictures to back it up.”

Jim Brown, Speed Auto Repair

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks

With DVIs, your team is able to send photos and videos of inspection findings directly to customers’ smartphones. Customers can get a clear picture of what’s going on with their vehicles no matter where they are.

Create & Save Templates for Custom Inspections

In Tekmetric, you can create and save custom inspections that clearly guide technicians through the inspection process. Maintenance inspections, diesel vehicle inspections, transmission inspections—any type of service your shop commonly provides, you can create an inspection for it. Once an inspection is saved in your system, it’s easy for service advisors to assign inspections to technicians at a moment's notice.

Save time. Map Canned Jobs to inspection tasks for an efficient, seamless transition from inspections to estimate writing to repair work.

Tekmetric’s DVIs in Action

View repair orders on the Job Board as a card or a listing then select an RO to see customer information, add individual concerns, and conduct an inspection.

Easily attach photos, videos, and notes to inspection tasks to the Digital Vehicle Inspection and color-code findings to prioritize concerns.

Finish up the inspection and instantly notify service advisors. Text or email the results to the customer to further the conversation.

Want to dive even deeper? Read the Ultimate Guide to Digital Vehicle Inspections, or book a demo.
“Tekmetric has helped us build trust with our clients. Now that we have the video capability in Tekmetric’s DVIs, we’ve filmed short ‘Meet Your Tech’ videos, so every time a car is in the shop, the customer gets a nice introduction to their tech. It’s a nice touch that makes guests feel more comfortable, like they’re in good hands.”

Seth Thorson, Eurotech
“Tekmetric is very beneficial! It allows us to create and access canned jobs at a click of a button and build repair orders in minutes. We have noticed a big difference with Tekmetric, that we have increased our BG fluid sales by 80%. I highly recommend it.”

Jay Huh, Carmedix in Raleigh, North Carolina
“The speed at which Tekmetric’s DVIs allow my counter to write service, price parts, talk to customers, approve or decline jobs—that speed has doubled. It has improved two-fold. So, if it took them 20 minutes to write an estimate before, it's now taking them 10 minutes.”

Bryan Jewett, Casey’s Automotive

DVIs Increase Your Shop’s Bottom Line

Save Time

DVIs streamline your team’s communication and reduce the need for back-and-forth conversations between technicians and service advisors. Tekmetric saves your shop’s DVI records on a cloud-based server, so you can refer back whenever needed. Save your team from doing tedious work, so they can put that energy toward your #1 purpose: getting customers back on the road.

Cars on lifts in auto repair shop

Sell More Work

With DVIs, technicians can provide a full report on necessary and upcoming repair work.

DVIs make it easy for customers to prioritize repairs, increasing authorizations for your shop. Any work that gets declined is saved so service advisors can follow up later. And because Tekmetric tracks Close Ratio, Average Repair Order, and other key performance metrics, you can measure the impact DVIs are making in real time.

Save Declined Jobs

When customers decline any jobs, Tekmetric will store that data for you in the Declined Jobs Report. Your service advisors will be able to pull up all declined jobs, and call those customers to get them back in the shop. Customers will appreciate the reminders, and will see how much your team cares about maintaining their vehicles.

customer speaking with shop owner looking at computer

Be There For Your Customers

Your customers’ lives don’t stop when their vehicles need repairs.

Tekmetric’s DVIs give customers a comprehensive look at what work they need done—and when—so they can budget for repairs. Customers can drop off their cars without having to stick around, and approve work remotely from wherever they are.

With DVIs, technicians get to work faster, and customers spend less time without their vehicles. With built-in communication features, service advisors can keep customers informed without having to interrupt technicians.

Your Customers Are in the Digital Age. Are You?

Tekmetric interface on multiple devices