Give Your Guests the Experience They Deserve

Customer approving job within Tekmetric

Build Trust with Transparency & Confidence

If you want your clients to approve repairs, you have to build trust. People are more likely to approve work if they can see what's wrong. Send estimates to clients along with images of the necessary repair work. Tekmetric gives them the freedom to approve work on their own time, and you can always follow up to walk through their repair options and ensure they understand their estimate.
Estimate displayed on mobile phone

Remember What You've Done Before

Unique customer profiles - complete with integrated CARFAX reports and job history. Help service writers and technicians see the full picture of all work done on the vehicle so they can provide the best service possible.
Customer history displayed within Tekmetric

Electronic Approval Holds Everyone Accountable

Clients have the power to approve the work they want, when they want. Declined jobs are stored on the client's profile so service writers have the opportunity to remind them when they come back.
Approved job within Tekmetric

Text Alerts Keep Customers in the Loop

Texts and emails allow constant contact with your clients throughout the job. Alert them on issues found, work being done, and when it's time for pickup.
Text to customer within Tekmetric

Retain Customers with Excellent Service

Can technology really improve your guests' experience? You bet! See how Tekmetric will enhance your customer service and retention today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.