Know Your Numbers

No more working late to figure out your numbers. Discover correlations between metrics to identify gaps and maximize performance. Tekmetric’s real-time reports upgrade your insights across all areas of your shop so that you can build a business where your team thrives and customers keep coming back.

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“If I go to reports, I have so many metrics that I can look at that tell me what's going on.  Tekmetric breaks out all of those metrics and shows me what we're selling and what we're not selling. It gives me the breakdown I need to measure what I'm doing.”

Henderson Johnson, Toyo Automotive

Financial Reports

See how money flows through your shop. Make smart financial decisions and test the results with accurate data.

Sales & Profit

Get a full view of how cash enters your shop. Tekmetric's various sales and profit reports provide a complete perspective of your top line and your bottom line performance.

Accounts Payable

No more sorting through different purchase orders or losing track of large, outstanding payments.

The Accounts Payable Report shows you what you owe parts vendors and sublet vendors, and how many days your debt has been outstanding.


Be more methodical with your discounts and spot trends to maximize promotional campaigns. Track the total dollar amount in discounts given on Parts, Labor, Sublets, Fees, as well as the Fixed Discounts on ROs.

Keep tabs on your shop's discounts for parts, labor, sublets, and fees. See your total discounts over a period, and adjust discount caps as needed to prevent potential losses.If you see a discount on a job that looks like an outlier, you can take a closer look and work with your team to create discount policies and guidelines.

Accounts Receivable

See all outstanding invoices, manage fleet accounts, and easily track partial payments. With Tekmetric’s Accounts Receivable Report, you can search by customer, or sort by Date Posted or RO Number to print statements and collect payment.

“When I can measure how valuable my business is, I have more opportunities to pass that value on to our clients. Being able to measure our success is one thing, but quickly identifying our shortcomings and new opportunities for innovation is what has led us to grow our profits.”

Andrew Minkler, Bavarian Motor Repairs


The End-of-Day Report goes well beyond the end of the day. With customizable time ranges, you can see what your metrics look like over a week, a month, year-to-date, or any other time range to find trends and adjust your strategy. View all the metrics that affect your shop performance on a single page:


Your Average Repair Order, or ARO, is one of your most important numbers.

Measuring the average size of your repair orders allows you to maximize efficiency and profits. The End-of-Day Report also shows your ARO Sales, ARO Profit, and ARO Profit Margin.

Car Count

Car Count lets you see how many customers you’re bringing in. Measuring Car Count helps you determine ways to increase the flow of customer traffic at your shop.

Tablet with Tekmetric reporting on screen

Close Ratio

Your Close Ratio tells you your ratio of dollars presented to dollars sold.

Measuring Close Ratio helps you identify coaching opportunities to enhance the way your team presents work so that more work gets authorized.

Total Gross Profits

Measuring Total Gross Profits lets you see how effectively your shop is using markups, labor, and supplies to generate profits.


The Payments Table gives you a quick view of all transactions, making it super easy to close out your cash drawer for the day.

Computer with Tekmetric reporting
Other metrics featured in your End-of-Day Report include: Total ROs, Hours Presented, Hours Sold, and your Effective Labor Rate.

Employee Reports

Track performance, set expectations for your team, and find opportunities for everyone to work together and elevate their performance.

Real-Time Service Writer Report

Learn which technicians are the most efficient by viewing how many assigned hours are still in progress, completed, and posted. Find patterns in technician performance based on key metrics so you can identify coaching opportunities to make your tech team even more efficient.

With the Real-Time Technician Report, you can measure Car Count, Total Sold, and ARO per technician and see all the work that each technician currently has in the hopper.

Real-Time Technician Report

Learn which technicians are the most efficient by viewing how many assigned hours are still in progress, completed, and posted. Find patterns in technician performance based on key metrics so you can identify coaching opportunities to make your tech team even more efficient.With the Real-Time Technician Report, you can measure Car Count, Total Sold, and ARO per technician and see all the work that each technician currently has in the hopper.x-

Technician Hours Report

See how time is spent in your shop.

Pay your team a flat rate? Want to know how efficient your technicians are? The Technician Hours Report will show you each technician’s Car Count as well as the Total Efficiency of your tech team based on their ratio of billed time to clocked time.

Total Gross Sales

Help your service advisors close more work. With Tekmetric’s Real-Time Service Writer Report, you can check the status of all jobs for each service advisor, find bottlenecks in your workflow, and address them if needed to keep jobs moving.

You can also go back and see a service advisor's Average Written Repair Order and how much work they’ve sold over a given time period to discover new coaching opportunities.

“One of the reports that I like the most is the Service Writer Report. With that wealth of information, I can tell where we're at in the month. I can see what's been declined and spot trends. I know what we need to do to close larger tickets.”

Dustin Baxley, Performance Transmission & A/C

Customer Reports

Enhance your customer experience, build customer loyalty, and get more customers in your shop.

Customer List

Find out who your most loyal customers are.

Tekmetric’s Customer List Report gives you an overview of each customer’s Lifetime Visits, Lifetime Spend, Lifetime Profit, Lifetime ARO, Lifetime Close Ratio and other key stats.

Declined Jobs

With the Declined Jobs Report, service advisors can see all jobs that have been declined on past ROs so that they can get them back in the shop.

Identify which jobs are declined most often so that you can create effective promotional campaigns that upsell, cross-sell and improve your Close Ratio.

Customer Leads & Marketing Sources

Invest your time and efforts into your shop’s most valuable marketing methods.

Identify what is bringing customers into your shop, whether it’s referrals, social media, search engine marketing, mailers, or other sources.

Get a breakdown of each of your marketing channels’ Total Sales, ARO, GP Dollars, GP Percentage, Close Ratio, and Customer Count and explore how much of your business comes from new sales or repeat sales.

“I’m looking forward to trying new creative marketing and advertising methods at the second location and comparing the results between the two shops. It’ll be interesting to see which one ends up attracting more customers, or particular types of cars, and why. Tekmetric’s reports will make it extremely easy to analyze those things.”

Tim Suggs, Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive

Parts Reports

Supercharge your parts margin with parts reports. Identify the parts that have been used on posted ROs to save time and stay supplied.

Parts Purchased

Get a closer look at how parts affect your balance sheet.

With Tekmetric’s Parts Purchased Report, you can see all the parts you’ve purchased, how much your shop is spending with each vendor and compare parts prices across vendors. You can also use this report to ensure that all parts orders were entered into Tekmetric either as inventory or billed out to customers, speeding up the parts reconciliation process.

Parts Usage

Stay in control of your parts ordering process and widen your parts margins. See which parts have been ordered, which parts have been received, and which parts are needed.

Tekmetric’s Parts Usage Report shows you which parts are most commonly used, which brands are most preferred, and which parts sell best. You can also use this report to audit what each service advisor is ordering, and identify where misplaced parts belong.

“With the reports feature, the accounting team and I don’t have to spend time on the phone hunting down crucial information. The data on the Parts Usage Report and Parts Ordered Report has been especially beneficial. I can get a clear idea of what we purchased in a given month versus what we sold. I can manage inventory in a cost-effective way without risking being undersupplied.”

Greg Bunch, Aspen Auto Clinic

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