Driven by Family: The Northrich Automotive Evolution

How a Fresh Perspective Led Co-Owner Rochelle Gotsdiner to Impressive Business Growth with Tekmetric
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About Northrich Automotive

Northrich Automotive, founded in 1995 by Alex Gotsdiner, started as a family-owned auto repair shop in Richardson, TX. A first-generation immigrant, Alex's determination to achieve the American dream after immigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union led him to entrepreneurship.

Over the years, Northrich has evolved from a basic service shop to a comprehensive automotive care center, tackling both repairs and collisions. The shop has become a trusted name in the automotive industry, achieving over 415 Google Reviews and maintaining an average of 4.8 stars.

The shop’s success has not been without its fair share of obstacles. In 2018, it was clear that Alex needed help growing the business and decided to seek the help of his two children to bring a fresh perspective. That’s when his daughter and son stepped in.

The challenge

Alex’s daughter, Rochelle Gotsdiner, never planned to run an auto shop. With a background in medical sales, she spent years refining her skills in a completely different industry. However, when her family's business, Northrich Automotive, needed fresh minds to help elevate the business, Rochelle stepped in.

“I left my career in medical sales at 25 and decided I was gonna run an auto shop... not because of my love for cars or anything but truly just for my family,"

This pivotal decision marked the beginning of a journey characterized by resilience, innovation, and transformation.

Stepping into an industry she knew little about, Rochelle approached the auto shop with a fresh set of eyes and a critical mindset. While helping with the shop’s marketing, her first major task was diagnosing the operational inefficiencies that plagued Northrich Automotive while her brother took on the role of CFO. It was clear her team needed a modern solution to an outdated process that was holding the business back.

Her lack of industry experience became her strength, allowing her to question long-standing practices and push for innovative solutions.

The Solution

Rochelle’s search for a transformative shop management solution led her to Tekmetric. The shop had been on Master Repair for most of the business’s lifetime, but briefly transitioned to RO Writer. Ultimately, it was clear that those solutions came short.

“We were coming from a system that was slow, researching history and technician notes were not good…and customer support was awful.  I got tired of having these issues that no one on their team could figure out. Tekmetric was the opposite.”

What sold her on Tekmetric were its key features and the flexibility it offered:

  • Cloud-Based Technology: Tekmetric operates entirely in the cloud, which eliminated the need for costly servers and allowed the team at Northrich to access the system from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections: The software allowed for digital inspections that customers could view in real-time, increasing transparency and trust between the shop and its customers.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Tekmetric provided detailed reports that helped Rochelle and her team make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Additionally, Tekmetric's month-to-month contract option stood out, offering Northrich Automotive the flexibility to adapt without the pressure of long-term commitments. This was crucial for Rochelle, who wasn’t looking to be locked into a lengthy contract that might not serve the shop's evolving needs.

The Results

The shop aims to provide transparent pricing, detailed service estimates, and digital vehicle inspection reports to keep customers informed about their vehicle's condition and recommended services. Thanks to this mindset, the results have brought some impressive changes, proving how effective Rochelle's strategic decisions were and how powerful the right tools can be.

  • More Cars, More Often: The number of cars coming through Northrich’s doors jumped by 20%. This boost reflects not just more customers, but also a more efficient operation.
  • Stellar Reviews: Thanks to Rochelle's sharp focus on ensuring every customer leaves happy through a seamless shop experience,  online reviews have soared. Her shop sits at over 415 reviews at an average of 4.8 stars. 
  • Smarter Workflows: Tekmetric revamped how things get done at the shop, making every process from check-in to checkout smoother and more customer-friendly. This upgrade has paved the way for Rochelle to bring on more hands to keep up with demand.
  • Clear Insights: With Tekmetric, Rochelle gained a clear picture of the shop’s numbers. She found out that 54% of customers were one-timers, shifting her strategy to turn more first-timers into regulars.
  • Freedom and Financials: The cloud-based system freed up about 30% of Rochelle’s time, allowing her to manage things without being tied to the shop floor. This change helped push revenues over the $1 million mark and ensured they hit their profit goals for each job.
"Give the team the right tools, trust them, and then just watch the numbers. They tell the real story. With Tekmetric, we see everything we need to keep getting better."

Northrich Automotive is not just a business; it's a story of perseverance, adaptation, and the seamless transition of leadership from one generation to the next.

As Northrich Automotive thrives under the father-daughter duo stewardship, the Gotsdiner family remains committed to steering the company toward even greater success. With their unwavering determination, innovative spirits, and profound respect for family tradition, they embody the essence of Northrich Automotive's enduring legacy.

"I would 100% recommend Tekmetric. Their customer service is always there for us, and the quality of the software gives me peace of mind. It's a game-changer."

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