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Join hosts Liz Perkins and Blake Wood in an exclusive webinar that delves into the heart of Smart Jobs – the revolutionary feature transforming the automotive repair industry. Discover how Smart Jobs:

  • Speeds Up Job Creation: The fastest way to build a job on a repair order with just one click.
  • Simplifies Labor Management: Automatically adds relevant labor lines based on the selected vehicle, eliminating the need to search through labor guides.
  • Automates Parts Integration: Adds necessary parts, filters, and fluids effortlessly, tailored to the vehicle's requirements.
  • Optimizes Inventory Management: Allows seamless inventory checks and integrates with Parts Tech, bringing parts back into Tekmetric automatically.
  • Enables Pricing Precision: Applies labor matrix, parts matrix, and package pricing for accurate and efficient billing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master the art of streamlined shop management! Join us and get hands-on insights into Smart Jobs, ensuring your shop operates at its peak potential.

November 9, 2023
Blake Wood
Product Manager at Tekmetric
Liz Perkins
Product Marketing Manager at Tekmetric
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