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About This Event

Join Brian Jesko, owner of Trinity Auto Haus, and John Phelps, Director of Channel at Tekmetric, for a fireside chat exploring Brian's journey from technician to successful multi-shop owner. Gain insights into maintaining a warm and familiar atmosphere while expanding his business, his approach to customer service, and his insights on leveraging online reviews and strategic partnerships for growth. Learn from Brian's 30 years of experience and unique approach to building a thriving auto repair business.

What You’ll Learn

Leveraging Online Reviews: Tips on managing and responding to online reviews to enhance your shop's reputation.

Hiring and Team Building: Brian's approach to assembling a team that upholds the shop's values and delivers exceptional service.

Challenges and Solutions in Expansion: How Brian overcame growth challenges by understanding his customer demographics and adjusting strategies, all while preserving a high level of service quality.

Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships: Strategies for creating a welcoming atmosphere that fosters customer loyalty from day one.

March 7, 2024
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