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Between ensuring you have enough parts for the most common jobs to not letting parts collect dust, can quickly become a lot to manage. Leveraging the right tools to stay on top of your inventory is vital to any shop. Join PJ Leslie, Head of Business Development at Tekmetric, and Jake Benson, Director of Strategic Accounts at PartsTech as they discuss the challenges shops face when it comes to inventory management and parts ordering, and provide practical strategies and tips to streamline these processes. 

Key topics:

  • Implementing a reliable parts ordering system to ensure timely availability of parts
  • Leveraging technology and software solutions to automate inventory tracking and reordering, including core tracking.
  • Strategies to reduce costs and improve profitability through efficient inventory management
  • Data on the top jobs performed and the top ordered parts across shops in the U.S.
October 24, 2023
Jake Benson
Director of Strategic Accounts @ PartsTech
PJ Leslie
Head of Business Development @ Tekmetric
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