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Inspections are at the heart of all great shops and, now more than ever, customers want to know what’s wrong or not wrong with their car. Using a digital vehicle inspection can empower your team to keep your customers updated while streamlining the process. Join Liz Perkins, Product Marketing Manager, and Rhyann O’Mara, Campaign Marketing Coordinator, as they discuss the benefits of Tekmetric’s digital vehicle inspections. In this 10-minute webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to build lasting trust between you and your customers
  • The power of showing your customers what's wrong with their car
  • How you can sell more work with a detailed DVI

Discover the power of Tekmetric’s DVI feature and how it can benefit your auto repair shop.

Tek10 is a webinar series where we spend ten minutes discussing key features of Tekmetric, important topics of the industry, and how to help great shops get better.

August 18, 2023
Liz Perkins
Product Marketing Manager @ Tekmetric
Rhyann O'Mara
Marketing Campaign Coordinator @ Tekmetric
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