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Most auto repair shop owners have had experiences or heard stories about the benefits and downsides  of online scheduling. However, modern shop management and marketing tools are built differently. By integrating the two systems together, they can easily handle everyday complexities of shop scheduling, including avoiding double booking, handling waiters and the impact on the bottom line. 

Join Kieran O’Brien, Shopgenie Co-Founder and PJ Leslie, Tekmetric Head of Business Development, for a lunch & learn on the ins and outs of online scheduling, including: 

  • What online scheduling is and how it should work for maximum benefit
  • Delight your customers by offering online scheduling 
  • How can online scheduling help you make more money and increase service writer efficiency
July 19, 2023
Kieran O'Brien
Co-Founder of Shopgenie
PJ Leslie
Head of Business Development at Tekmetric
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