Tekmetric attends VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo

We had a blast at this year's Vision conference! Our team had the chance to meet with tons of enthusiastic shop owners and technicians. Dive in for a recap of the highlights!

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Tekmetric attends VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo
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Our team loved our experience at the recent Vision conference - it’s always awesome to swap stories and gain valuable insights into the daily hurdles and opportunities you encounter!

Through our conversations, a common theme emerged: the need for streamlined processes and enhanced customer communication.

Shop owners expressed their desire for tools that simplify management, improve technician productivity, and ultimately elevate the customer experience.

This year, we're committed to addressing these needs head-on. Tons of new feature rollouts coming this year (including a mobile app!) that will focus on exactly that - you ask, we deliver!

At Tekmetric, we're more than just a software provider – we're your partner in success.

Every day, by every measure, we're here to help you transform your shop, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and achieve your goals.

Together, let's embrace the future of auto repair — it’s already here.

Thank you to all who connected with us at Vision!

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