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How to Manage Your Shops Using Tekmetric Multi-Shop

Running multiple shops can be challenging when trying to manage data across all of your locations. With the Tekmetric Multi-Shop Plan, you can efficiently manage each of your shops from one, simple to use, platform.

Expanding your business into multiple locations is exciting but can come with challenges. One of these challenges being, the ability to manage data and reports across all of your shops. To simplify this process, Tekmetric has developed Multi-Shop, our most powerful set of tools and reports to easily manage multiple shops through custom shop comparison reporting, organization-level reports and centralized data management. Multi-Shop allows you to gain back time, make better business decisions and maximize your margins. 

Financial Intelligence 

One of the most valuable tools for multi-shop owners, like you, is the ability to view, manage and understand how each of your shops are doing financially. The Custom Shop Comparison Reporting tool allows you to create custom reports so they can compare and analyze over 50 different metrics for all of your shops. You can use these reports to help decipher which shops are performing best and make key business decisions to stimulate growth in all of your shops. You can find a full list of the Custom Shop Comparison Reporting here.

Operational Insights

Typically, shop owners who run more than one shop are having to run multiple reports for each shop separately. This can become a tedious task when you are trying to run multiple reports and compare them across your shops in order to make intelligent business choices.

Organization-Level Reports in Tekmetric Multi-Shop allows you to view a collection of data from all of your shops in one place, tremendously cutting down the time it takes for you to look over data and make decisions for all of your shops. The three report categories are separated into financial reports, employee reports, and part reports. Under the financial report category, you can find the end of day report, which is the most commonly used feature for Organization-Level Reports. The end of the day report gives you a daily view of your finances. You can organize the data below into any combination you would like to give yourself a custom view of one shop or multiple shops of your choosing.

Centralized Data Management 

There may come a time when you are trying to improve your customer’s experience through features such as discounts, digital vehicle inspections and payment types. However, you can lose time in  implementing these processes in your software and across all of your shops. Oftentimes these features fall to the back burner because you may not have the time to implement all of these features across your many shops. The Centralized Data Management feature allows Multi-Shop users to create, edit, and delete data across all of their shops for the below categories: 

  • Digital Vehicle Inspections
  • Canned Jobs
  • Discounts
  • Payment Types
  • Marketing Sources
  • Job Categories

Without the Multi-Shop tools, you have to view, create and edit the data for each of your businesses separately. This can lower efficiency in your shops when you are attempting to create and publish data such as canned jobs or marketing sources across your shops. Centralized Data Management allows you to get a bird's eye level view of all of their shops and allows you to manage them in one central location and publish any changes to any shops that you choose. This can massively increase your productivity and cut out wasted time. 

Tekmetric Multi-Shop Plan is the perfect solution for you to maximize productivity, profitability and process’ within your shop.