Visualizing Excellence: Transforming Customer Experience with the Tekmetric MotoVisuals Integration

We’re excited to announce a new integration with MotoVisuals! It’s easier than ever to educate your customers on the repairs to their vehicles.

Visualizing Excellence: Transforming Customer Experience with the Tekmetric MotoVisuals Integration
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January 3, 2024
We're thrilled to announce an exciting integration aimed to help independent auto repair shops build lasting trust by actually showing customers what’s wrong with their vehicle, not just talking about it.

In partnership with Advance Professional, Tekmetric now seamlessly integrates with MotoVisuals. This powerful collaboration aims to elevate the customer experience, streamline shop processes and empower automotive businesses like never before.

MotoVisuals offers a wide array of simple-to-follow animated videos, simplifying customer education. Shops report their close rate increase from industry average of 55% to over 90% when MotoVisuals is integrated into their workflow.

Central to this integration is a dedication to saving Service Advisors’ time, improving customer communication, and ultimately boosting your shop’s profitability. Here's how leveraging MotoVisuals within Tekmetric’s Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs) is poised to transform your shop:

Join us in our upcoming webinar to discover the power of Tekmetric and MotoVisuals together.

Effortless Customer Education

Integrating MotoVisuals into Tekmetric's DVIs makes explaining tricky car problems easy. You'll have top-notch visuals to effortlessly explain repairs and maintenance, without confusing tech talk. Let the visuals do the talking and strengthen your bond with customers.

Enhanced Customer Retention

Keeping customers coming back relies on trust. When customers feel knowledgeable about their vehicles, they're more likely to stay. With MotoVisuals in Tekmetric, you build trust and transparency, giving customers clear, visual insights. This boosts their confidence and keeps them satisfied and loyal to your shop.

Increased Business Opportunities

Being successful in this field goes beyond expertise; it's about effectively sharing that expertise with your customers to build trust and deliver amazing customer experiences. MotoVisuals in Tekmetric enhances your shop's appeal, showcasing repairs visually and emphasizing your professionalism. This not only attracts new clients but also strengthens customer relationships.

In today's automotive management, visual information is key for both technicians and customers. Through Tekmetric's partnership with Advance Professionals, shop operations are streamlined, empowering you to educate, connect, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Join us in shaping a better customer experience in repair management with Tekmetric and MotoVisuals.

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