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New! Tekmetric Multi-Shop Plan

Introducing the industry's first multi-shop offering with centralized reporting.

We are excited to release Tekmetric Multi-Shop Plan, the industry’s first multi-shop offering that gives auto repair shops the capability to access real-time data reports – from all locations – in one, central reporting suite.

Tekmetric Multi-Shop plan provides the tools shop owners need to monitor shop performance and manage processes across all locations. Through Multi-Shop, shop owners can track more than 16 reports with countless metrics in one central location. It also enables easy, real-time analysis at all levels, including the entire organization, small groups and individual locations. The new plan also offers a custom side-by-side analysis report, so shop owners can drive key business decisions and replicate the processes from high-performing shops throughout their organization.

Tekmetric Multi-Shop’s features include:

Custom Shop Comparison Reporting. Allows users to create custom reports that track more than 50 metrics and compare performance across shops and time periods in one view.

Organization-Level Reports. Offers shop owners the ability to view aggregate data for all shops combined or filter to view data for any combination of shops.

Centralized Data Management. Enables users to create, edit and delete data in one central location and publish changes to shops in real-time.

Employee Tracking. Provides a centralized dashboard of all employees within the organization, including the employee’s role and which shops they serve.

Sneak Peak! Shared Customer History, which enables shop owners to view customer data and history across shop locations, will be available Summer 2023. Centralized Inventory will be complete by the end of 2023, allowing shops to share inventory information across all locations. Both features stem from our continuous efforts to improve our software based on changing industry trends and shop owner needs.

The Tekmetric Multi-Shop plan is now available. Schedule a demo.