How Cloud-Based Automotive Invoice Software Saves You and Your Team Time

Effortlessly track payments, integrate estimates, and apply markups from one centralized system.

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Auto repair shops use invoices to provide customers with a summary of repair work. But when those invoices are paper print outs with simple line-items and cost, that can look confusing at best, and untrustworthy at worst.

Transparency within the auto repair invoice process goes a long way. Most customer will feel uncertain about approving expensive repairs if they don't truly understand the need for them. That's why it's up to your shop to foster a trusting relationship by clearly showing customers the issue, and the need for a repair.

The right invoicing system will improve your shop’s workflow, save your team time, enhance your customers’ experience, and provide you with peace of mind.

Here’s how Tekmetric’s Cloud-Based Shop Management System provides seamless shop management that leads to frictionless payment processing:

  • A service advisor can create a repair order and dispatch it to a technician to run a digital vehicles inspection (DVI).
  • The technician conducts the inspection.
  • The service advisor sends the customer a DVI report, which will outline all the findings.
  • The customer can approve or decline individual line items on the repair order directly from their smartphone.
  • Once the customer finishes scrolling through the estimate, designating the jobs they approve and decline, your shop has the go-ahead to begin the repair(s).
  • Once repairs are complete, there’s a digital record of exactly what the customer approved. That way, when it’s time to pay, there are no surprises.
  • Once the customer pays with their preferred method, they can look back over the receipt—from their computer or smartphone—and feel confident that your shop did exactly what you said you’d do.

After a job is completed and payment is received, all the details from the invoice and repair order become part of your reports and customer history in Tekmetric.

Tekmetric’s cloud-based automotive invoice software has designed the entire process to reduce bottlenecks, build trust, and ensure that customers know exactly what to expect.

By moving smoothly from one step to the next, your team will be able to boost their efficiency, manage their workflow, and spend the extra time building rapport with customers and getting their cars back to good working order.

Frictionless Invoicing Will Transform Your Customer Experience

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How Tekmetric’s Built-In Mechanic Shop Invoice Software Saves Your Team Time

With Tekmetric’s automotive invoice software, your team can easily pull up an invoice straight from the repair order.

When a job is approved, it moves from estimate to work-in-progress. When a payment is collected, all the information is stored into the appropriate real-time reports. So as soon as a customer pays, it’s added to Tekmetric’s End-Of-Day Report, and is reflected on your final Car Count and ARO.

Tekmetric’s ability to automatically track payments and repair activity will ensure that your records are always accurate, organized, and up-to-date. And the estimate tools and markup matrices will feed directly into your shop’s invoices.

You can adjust parts and labor markups in your shop settings and create multiple parts markups. If you check “auto-apply,” any markup adjustments created in your shop settings will automatically be applied to your shop’s estimates and invoices, saving your service advisors time.

And if a service advisor needs to make any adjustments for specific customers or situations, they can always toggle the auto applied markups “off” for individual line items.  

Another perk to Tekmetric’s built-in automotive invoice software is that you don’t have to punch a bunch of buttons to implement discounts. If your shop wants to apply a discount to a customer’s invoice, all your service advisor will need to do is select “Apply Discount.”

If the discount was already created in the system, they just have to select it from the list. If not, they can create a discount directly from the pop up window, and the changes will automatically reflect in the invoice.

Go Beyond the Status Quo For Your Team and Your Customers

Investing in a cloud-based shop management system with built-in invoicing features will help you reach your shop’s goals. When your team can efficiently build reliable invoices, everyone benefits from the timesaving advantages.

If you want to provide your customers a consistently smooth invoice process—better yet, a smooth RO process from start to finish—now’s your time to switch out traditional methods for modern day solutions.

Features like Tekmerchant can revolutionize the way you do business.

Invest in Frictionless Invoicing to Enhance Experiences In Your Shop

Whether or not customers choose to return to your shop relies heavily on their experience.

With a good shop management system and invoice process, providing customers a better experience doesn't have to mean adding more time to your daily operations.

In fact, with better systems in place, you should be able to save time while boosting shop profitability.

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