Introducing the New and Improved Tekmerchant

Tekmerchant, an industry-first solution, offers flexible, forward thinking solutions to save shops time and effort managing customer payments.

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We are excited to announce an upgrade to Tekmerchant, our fully-integrated payments platform offering secure, flexible solutions for automotive repair shop owners.

Tekmerchant now includes the industry’s first “buy now, pay later” feature, allowing customers to complete vehicle repairs and pay over time with no risk to your shop!

The Tekmerchant platform offers flexible, forward thinking solutions that allow shops to save time and effort when managing funds and customer payments.

Shop owners can share invoices and accept payments via text and email, enabling the customer to pay directly from their smartphone and pick up the vehicle when it is convenient for them.

Additionally, customers can leverage Tekmerchant’s “buy now, pay later” feature using Affirm and Klarna. This is an industry-first solution that is familiar to customers who use it in other industries. 

Concurrently, Tekmerchant improves shop owner accounting processes by automatically integrating all partial and complete payments into the point-of-sale.

This feature, added by popular request from shop owners, integrates with Tekmetric’s existing payments reports for real-time tracking and reporting. 

Streamline your payments and provide the best customer experience.

Tekmerchant is now available, offering several additional features that can benefit businesses. These features include:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay via text-to-pay: With Tekmerchant, shops can accept payments from customers who prefer using digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This allows for one-click payments via text-to-pay. This provides customers with more payment options and a better experience.
  • Dual connectivity device with hi-resolution screen: The updated devices provide shops with a more modern and efficient point-of-sale experience. That connects via Wi-fi and hard wire. Giving it best in class connectivity. 
  • One-click refunds directly from payment history: Tekmerchant's one-click refunds feature allows shops to quickly and easily refund customers directly from their payment history. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors in the refund process.
  • Enhanced early warning fraud detection to reduce chargebacks: Tekmerchant's enhanced fraud detection capabilities provide shops with more security and peace of mind. With early warning fraud detection, shops can identify potential fraudulent transactions before they result in chargebacks. By using millions of data points and analyzing those with advanced Machine learning we can assign a risk score to an individual transaction. The riskiest transactions are declined. 
  • Fast Funding: With Tekmerchant, shops can receive their funds faster. Usually within 1 business day. This can help improve cash flow and reduce the time spent waiting for payments to clear.
  • Enhanced Reporting: We show all transactions in real time with the associated fee to process that transaction. In addition, we provide detailed payout/batch reporting. This gives shops insight into the exact amount and the specific transactions that make up that amount that will be deposited to the bank account on file. 
  • Card-not-present interchange optimization: Tekmerchant provides shops with optimized interchange rates for card-not-present transactions. This can help reduce the cost of accepting payments and improve profitability.

Overall, Tekmerchant's additional features can help businesses provide a better customer experience, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. By accepting payments from digital wallets, providing a more modern point-of-sale experience, and offering faster refunds and funding, businesses can improve their overall performance and provide better service to their customers.

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