Efficient Repair Shop Management Starts with Effective Communication

Streamlining repair shop management might mean cutting back on some face-to-face communication so that your team members can finish repairs faster.

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Great communication is an important part of your team’s responsibilities.

Repair shop management has many moving parts that require a collaborative environment. There's a lot of information to share, whether that's service advisors getting information from customers or providing updates to them, or even technicians and service advisors discussing the repair process of that customer's vehicle.

Without clear communication, you'll be playing a game of telephone, with details changing or getting lost, causing repairs to fall short, or forcing service advisors to pick up the phone and bug customers throughout the day. None of that is ideal.

That's why clear and effective communication is the key to providing great service in pretty much every industry, especially auto repair. 

The better your team can communicate with your guests, the more at ease your guests will feel about their repairs, and the more likely they are to walk out of your shop happy and willing to come back to your shop the next time they need a repair.

In turn, your team will feel even more energized and incentivized to provide great customer service. Win-win!

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Communication in Auto Repair Shops

The repair process usually starts with your service advisors, who have to make a great first impression on your guests. When a guest walks through your shop’s doors, a service advisor should immediately greet them and learn what’s wrong with their vehicle.

But if that service advisor has to then leave the desk to carry a message to the technicians, there may not be another service advisor available to offer a friendly greeting to the next guest who walks into your shop.

The more time service advisors have to spend away from their workstations, the greater the likelihood that your guests will end up in a queue, frustrated that no one is helping them.

As for your technicians, their work slows down, too.

Every time a service advisor walks up to a technician to get a repair status update, that technician gets pulled away from doing their work.

That time can add up, resulting in repairs taking longer to complete and your guests having to wait longer to get their vehicles back.

Embrace Cloud-Based Shop Management Tools For Effective Communication

Now, this might sound contradictory, but bear with us. Some repair shop management tasks require good, old-fashioned face-to-face conversation. But other communication tasks can be handled via technology.

The less time service advisors have to spend going back and forth from their workstations to the repair bay to get in-person updates from technicians, the more time they can spend providing quality service to your guests and leveling up their careers.

That's where the beauty of a cloud-based shop management system comes in.

Since the platform is handled and maintained in the cloud, shops always have access to customer information, and even the ability to directly communicate with customers or their team members from anywhere they have a mobile device with an internet connection.

How Repair Shop Management Software Streamlines Communication

Repair shop management software that includes true two-way texting, in-app notifications, and repair tracking can help your team cut back time on the back-and-forth between your service advisors and technicians, encouraging greater independence.

For instance, let's follow a typical auto repair shop workflow:

  1. Whenever a repair gets approved, everyone on your team will be made aware of it with notifications.
  2. From there, when parts arrive at your shop, the relevant technicians and service advisors will get text messages alerting them about the deliveries. That way, if a particular technician in charge of a repair happens to be out sick that day, and a job got authorized the previous evening, the service advisor knows that the parts are at the shop, and can assign another technician to complete the repair.
  3. While the repair is in progress, the service advisor can use the software to monitor how far along in the process every repair at the shop is. They can also dive into the specifics of individual repairs and update the guest accordingly, so the guest can better plan their day.
  4. When all of the work for the repair is completed, the software will capture it, and the service advisor will immediately know it’s time to call the guest to pick up their vehicle.

Throughout this process, team members don’t have to stop what they’re doing to double check for the latest updates, but instead can focus on their specific job to help quickly get customers back on the road. 

Streamline Repair Shop Communication With Tekmetric

Tekmetric reduces the back-and-forth between your team members by giving service advisors a window into how far along technicians are with their repairs, and enabling technicians to keep service advisors updated about repair milestones—all without needing to leave their work areas. The results? Quicker repairs and happier guests.

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