Your Auto Repair Shop Can Close More Repairs Orders With These Features

When customers see that your shop cares about keeping them in the loop, they’ll remember you the next time their vehicle needs a repair.

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We know that sometimes it can be hard to win over business. Drivers often see repairs as frivolous, unimportant, or as if they're being upsold. These features can help your shop provide consistent, transparent service every time to help win over drivers.

Drivers can sometimes see repairs as frivolous or not important.

Reasons for their skepticism can stem from many things: the customer can’t see what the service advisor is seeing on their end; they might not have a way to gauge the importance of the issue at hand; maybe a service advisor doesn’t communicate the problem correctly or forgets to ask the customer if they’re following along.

Tekmetric’s features empower auto repair shops to improve customer transparency, streamline communication, provide flexible payment options, and simplify the payment process.

These promote customer trust, enhance satisfaction, and ultimately help your shop close more repair orders. And that's what matters most.

Because at the end of the day, if customers feel they can trust your shop, they'll be more likely to return the next time they need something repaired.

Win customers over with transparency and consistent service every time.

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Show Your Customers the Problem with Digital Vehicle Inspections

First and foremost is perhaps the most obvious, but digital vehicle inspections are so powerful they're always worth mentioning.

Implementing digital vehicle inspections into your day-to-day shop regimen will help you show customers the severity of specific repairs. During the inspection, service advisors can send videos and photos to the customer to show them any maintenance issues, build trust, and either sell that work or capture it as a declined job.

As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words. With digital vehicle inspections, you can write a story for the customer using pictures and explanations of any vehicle issues your technicians found. We've seen Tekmetric users on average include 5 images within their DVIs, and up to 20 and more images for really large repair orders.

Instantly Text Message Your Customers

Modern features help your shop provide a modern experience, and that starts with communication. You don't have to waste valuable time dealing with scattered, inconsistent customer communication when we have modern tools available.

Cloud-based shop management systems let managers and service writers easily communicate with customers without missing a beat with real-time texting directly from your shop's landline phone number. It all happens on your end within Tekmetric, along-side crucial customer information, inspection findings, parts availability, and so much more.

Not to mention shops can even let their customers pay for their repairs through a text message, no matter where they are. We've even seen shops setup a contact-less drop-off and pick-up process with an old-school key-drop system, and modern shop management systems that let service writers text and receive payments anywhere, anytime.

Offer Consistent Service Customers Can Trust with Canned jobs

Shops that can simplify workflows and standardize their processes will get cars in and out quicker, free up their time to provide a better customer experience, and can focus on keeping operations flowing smoothly.

Canned jobs are pre-saved jobs that include labor and parts associated with common repair work done. We recommend you build canned jobs for services you provide frequently in your shop to save your service writers time when generating repair orders.

Tekmetric’s BG Canned Jobs gives your repair shop the ability to provide customers with high-quality maintenance service backed by BG’s industry-leading products.

Tekmetric already empowers your team to assemble ROs in minutes with integrated labor guides, canned jobs, and customizable parts orders. But with BG products, you can ensure that your customer will be getting safe, reliable, and high quality products every time a power steering, transmission, and brake RO is created.

Transform Your Shop with Tekmetric

Tekmetric’s features empower auto repair shops to improve customer transparency, streamline communication, provide flexible payment options, and simplify the payment process.

And this helps build customer trust, enhance satisfaction, and drive more repair orders. By utilizing Tekmetric's comprehensive features, auto shops optimize operations, deliver exceptional service, and cultivate long-term customer relationships.

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