Sell More BG Products and Simplify Workflows With New Canned Jobs

We've developed canned jobs to help shops simplify their work flows and close even more repair orders using BG Products.

Sell More BG Products and Simplify Workflows With New Canned Jobs
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With canned jobs it's easier than ever to build estimates for guests. We've added even more BG specific canned jobs in their repair orders.

Tekmetric is a huge improvement over a traditional paper process for sure. Estimates are easy to draft, orders are easy to create, and work flows easily through the platform as cars move through your shop.

That's because there’s always a better way! Canned jobs in Tekmetric are particularly powerful, saving service writers time by simplifying the process of building job estimates. Less clicks means more time to focus on the customer and offer amazing service while selling even more amazing BG Products.

When you have the right tool that helps simplify your work, why not use them? You wouldn’t use an open-ended wrench when a ratcheting socket wrench cuts the time in half and saves your knuckles.

In our effort to keep growing Tekmetric so running your shop is even easier, our latest update to canned jobs now includes even more canned jobs for BG Products and services right in Tekmetric. Just enable the canned jobs you want to use, and start selling even more BG services right away! 

What are canned jobs?

Canned jobs are pre-saved job templates in Tekmetric that include labor and parts associated with common repair work done.

Instead of recreating jobs you perform on a regular basis, shops can create as many canned-jobs as they like to build estimates in just seconds. Just apply the right canned job and you're ready to send for approval.

In fact, shops find canned jobs so helpful, one shop running on Tekmetric has created over 2,000 customer canned jobs, and even uses at least one canned job per RO. 

The value of canned jobs is clear: making it easier for repair teams to provide customers with the best of the best. 

Simple, efficient, and reliable processes lead to more completed work and happier customers. And as we know, happier customers leads to even more customer retention, and better customer retention increases shop profitability.

In essence, canned jobs can even help you pay for Tekmetric. The profit generated from saving time, closing more repair orders and selling better service can cover the cost of the platform, and then some. 

Just why are canned jobs so powerful for your shop? That's easy:

  • Make your jobs easier by simplifying your workflows for common repair orders into just a few clicks
  • Shorten the time it takes to operate, get estimates built and approved sooner and move cars faster.
  • BG Canned Jobs, using BG products in particular, enable your shop to offer more specialized service options for improved vehicle performance
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Tekmetric and BG Products

We’re always looking to work with industry-leading partners so that shops can offer exceptional products and provide high-quality service.

That's why Tekmtric and BG Products initially announced our partnership back in 2020. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for shops to easily and seamlessly provide a tailored and comprehensive service experience to their customers.

With canned jobs right in Tekmetric, providing exceptional service is easier than ever: it's built into your new standard way of operating.

At the time, Tekmetric co-founder and CEO Sunil Patel explained that “the integration between BG Products and Tekmetric is an industry first and something we’re deeply excited to provide to shops offering BG Services. With Tekmetric, we want independent repair shops to have an easier way to offer canned services and promote the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® to consumers. We’re proud to partner with BG as an exclusive partner and hopeful we can educate many shop owners on how well BG Products simply work."

New BG Canned Bobs Available to Shops

And because we're always working to make running your shop with Tekmetric even easier, our latest update to our BG canned jobs brings a list of new canned jobs for your shop to start leveraging today.

While these have been added to the platform, shops should note that these new canned jobs will not automatically be enabled. Shops that want to take advantage of these new canned jobs will have to go into the integrations page and enable all the jobs they want active.

After just a few clicks, you'll be ready to start selling even more BG products with your service, including:

  • BG Battery Service
  • BG Brake System Service
  • BG Climate Control Service
  • BG Cooling System Service
  • BG Diesel Engine Service (BG DOC)
  • BG Diesel Engine Plus Service (BG EPR/DOC)
  • BG Diesel Engine Performance Service (BG EPR/DOC/245 or PD15)
  • BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service
  • BG Engine Service (BG MOA)BG Engine Plus Service (BG MOA/EPR)
  • BG Engine Performance Service (BG MOA/EPR/44K)
  • BG Rear Differential Service
  • BG Front Differential Service
  • BG Transfer Case Service
  • BG Fuel / Air Induction Service
  • BG Fuel Injection Service
  • BG Platinum Fuel / Air Induction Service
  • BG Power Steering Service
  • BG DCT (Dry Clutch) Transmission Service
  • BG DCT (Wet Clutch) Transmission Service
  • BG Transmission Service
  • BG Manual Transmission Service
  • BG CVT Transmission Service

Streamline Workflows with Canned Jobs to Supercharge Your Shop

Tekmetric is all about running a more efficient shop at every step of the way.

For example, simple solutions can go a long way: within Tekmetric, service advisors create and save canned jobs directly from repair orders. 

So if you’re writing up a specific job for the umpteenth time in Tekmetric, you can click the star icon to convert that job into a canned job that can be rung up with a single click.

And the end result means a stronger bottom line for your shop. Service advisors can build estimates almost instantly, technicians can get to work faster and customers can get back on the road sooner, which means your bays are free to service even more cars.

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