Elevate Your Shop Operations with Repair Order Labels

Managing multiple auto repair shops can be complex, but with the right tools for the job like custom repair order labels, shops can optimize their operations for a streamlined customer experience.

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A core function of Tekmetric is creating a single dashboard for your repair orders at every step of the process. That means everyone in your shop -- from owners and general managers, down to technicians -- can see the status of every vehicle your shop is caring for.

The Job Board is that heads-up display within Tekmetric.

So when you're wondering what's going on with that SUV sitting in your shop's pickup lot for the last two weeks, you can see if it is awaiting customer approval or if parts are still on the way.

Within Tekmetric, Repair Orders flow through your Job Board, visually representing your shop's overall workflow in three columns: “Estimates,” “Work-In-Progress” and “Completed.” 

The idea is for service advisors, general managers, shop owners, and even Technicians, to gain a birds-eye view of everything happening in your shop with just a quick glance. Everyone is responsible for their tasks, every step of the process is accounted for, and it can all easily be tracked and managed in a simplified workflow.

We also understand that some shops may want a little extra flexibility, and maybe there’s some extra level of detail you would like represented visually on your job board. That’s where Tekmetric’s RO Labels come in.

Stay organized and manage your shop with ease with repair order labels.

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What Are Repair Order Labels?

Going one step further beyond these columns, Tekmetric enables shops to apply "RO Labels" to repair orders within each column. These repair order labels are little tags that can be applied to help add a little extra detail and visibility to your job board, providing even more clarity into your shop’s workflow.

So, for example, in the "in progress" column, shops can create labels like "waiting on parts," or "need to call customer" to provide very specific updates without requiring viewers to dig into the notes within that repair order, or even worse, try to decipher the scribbles a tech wrote on a notepad.

Repair Order Labels Make Shop Management a Breeze

The biggest benefits of Tekmetric's RO labels are easy to see:

  • Customizable Job Board: Tailor your job board to meet specific task requirements, providing a personalized approach to workflow management.
  • Visual Workflow: Transform your job board into a visual representation for intuitive progress tracking with custom RO labels.
  • Swift Progress Tracking: Easily monitor vehicle progress with RO labels for a quick status snapshot.
  • Improved Communication: Enhance shop-wide communication and efficiency with quick, at-a-glance information provided by RO labels.

This provides service advisors and general managers with an instant view of their entire shop’s workflow, illustrating where every single repair order is within the repair process. This clarity and visibility enable managers to react in real time and make decisions on the fly, while providing the best possible experience for customer.

With constant up-to-date readings, you can tune your shop like an ECU tunes an engine, making on-the-fly, calculated decisions for the best performance. And when customers call-in wondering where their vehicle is in the repair process, service advisors can instantly identify the vehicle, the most recent status update, and take the stress out of those tedious customer interactions.

Flexibility for Your Shop's Operations

We know that not all auto repair shops run the same, and that's why Tekmetric provides the option of flexibility your team needs to create the perfect solution. 

But don't worry, that doesn't mean you'll build everything alone!

With RO Labels shops can create and color code their labels based on each column in their workflow. 

That way you can find the best way to represent data for quick and easy identification. And you're not stuck using a standardized language for your labels either, shops have the freedom to customize labels to be specific to how your shop works and refer to each step of the process.

This is particularly important for shops that use a physical job board in their shop, enabling greater cohesion between your digital and physical counterparts. Taking the workflow one step further, shops can even choose to view their job board by each label in RO Label view, making it easier to drill down on the specific step in the process you’re looking to analyze.

Going back to our scenario from before: wondering why that SUV has been sitting for two weeks, unsure if that’s because the customer needs to be updated, or parts are on their way.

Instead of tracking down the last technician to see what their status is, or digging into spreadsheets and parts order forms, just quickly glance at the job board, and look for the right color!

Optimize Your Shop’s Workflow for a Seamless Customer Journey

The right tools for the job make everything easier. RO labels are just one of the tools part of the complete Tekmetric system that provides increased visibility and clarity into your shop's workflow.

With an instant view on the status of a repair, service advisors can update customers in real-time, and work to manage the repair process in a way that creates not only a seamless workflow for your technicians but a simplified and convenient process for your customers.

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