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Tekmetric Update 2.33

In version 2.33, we've improved customer profiles, DVIs, parts tracking, and added a bunch of new reporting features.

What's New in Version 2.33

  • Add multiple email addresses to customer profiles
  • Separate icon buttons for video and picture DVI uploads
  • Inventory BIN# location highlighted to find parts quicker
  • Search job history by job category like past oil changes
  • See repair order (RO) status column in payment report
  • Filter approved and declined jobs in account payable sublet report
  • Curated report for Shop Fix Academy coaching group: Hacker Tracker
Tekmetric Update 2.33

Multiple Customer Emails

The ability to add multiple email addresses to a customer’s profile has been a highly requested feature from our user group. We now empower guests to provide service writers with multiple email channels so that shops can provide them with better communication.

Payoff: These days, lots of people have multiple emails or multiple people may be associated with certain vehicles. Someone might have one email for work, and a couple for personal needs or they may have an email specifically for dealing with auto repair shops. If they have more than one email, you will want to make sure you have them on record. Now, you can!

New Icons for Video & Picture Uploads

In version 2.32, we gave technicians the ability to add videos to DVIs. We’ve enhanced this feature even more by providing separate icons for video uploads and pictures uploads.

Payoff: Now technicians can quickly select the type of media they want to upload, saving them time while building trust with guests.

Tekmetric Update 2.33

Inventory BIN# Highlighted

When technicians are pulling any inventory parts into jobs, they can now locate where the part is in your shop. If you have a BIN number associated with any of the inventory parts in the inventory section, service writers and technicians can now see the BIN number and easily locate it in Tekmetric.

Payoff: Service writers and technicians can improve efficiency by quickly finding parts in the shop.

Tekmetric Update 2.33

Search Job History by Job Category

Service writers can now pull up job history and look up jobs by category. For example, service writers can quickly pull up all past oil changes and find the one they were looking for faster than before.

Payoff: Save time by easily sifting through your history of repair jobs.

RO Status in Payment Report

Shop owners and service writers can now see the status of a repair order (RO) associated with payments and see if it was posted or if it's still sitting in your job board.

Payoff: Service advisors can easily know the status of any given RO so they can move guests through the payment process efficiently.

Approved & Declined Jobs in Account Payable Report

The account payable report also has some updates on the sublet work subsection. Service advisors can now see if a sublet job was approved or declined. For instance, if you sublet car washes or towing services, you can now see whether these jobs were approved or declined in the accounts payable section.

Payoff: Get greater visibility into what guests need to pay and whether or not you owe anything to anyone.

Tekmetric Update 2.33

New Report: Hacker Tracker

Now, service advisors and shop owners can track how guests heard about the shop, what technician worked on a job, and all the profit and labor sale details regarding specific ROs. Users can filter ROs by date as well!

Tek-Tip: Add your coach as an employee with "Reporting" only permission. This can make it easier to share data and track goals.

Payoff: If you are a member of Shop Fix Academy’s Shop Hacker group, the Hacker Tracker dashboard makes it extremely easy to work with your coach because it gives you all the information you need in one tidy package.

If you’re not a member of Shop Hackers, you can still use the easy-to-read report as a tool to help you grow your business.

Other Features

  • Improvements to customer vehicle activity
  • Uppercase license plate format