Introducing Smart Jobs: The Revolutionary New One-Click Job Building Tool

We've been hard at work on something big, and we're excited to finally announce Smart Jobs!

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You’ve probably heard the rumors that the Tekmetric team has been hard at work on something big. Well, we have, it’s finally here, and it’s called Smart Jobs!

Smart Jobs is a revolutionary new way to build jobs in Tekmetric with just one click. Shop management software, at its core, is meant to help you build jobs, and we wanted to streamline that process as much as possible. So that’s what we did!

Your typical repair order may have one or more jobs packaged together. Usually that requires a lot of clicking around to find the right labor rates, and the right parts, sourcing the parts you don’t have, and applying the right markup matrices, over and over again.

That means an extra click for every single step. If you ask us, that’s too many clicks.

The reality is that all shop management systems require far too many actions for what really should be a one-click process. 

When we set out to create Tekmetric, we set out to revolutionize the independent auto repair industry. We wanted to simplify, yet maximize the work your shop does.

We’re certain you’ll love how much Smart Jobs does just that.

"Smart jobs is a must have, it'll speed up your service writing by a huge amount.” - Chris Chagnon, COO at the Cardinal Plaza Shell
Curious to see how Smart Jobs will revolutionize your shop in real-time?

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What's new with Smart Jobs?

Smart Jobs in Tekmetric will enable service advisors to add jobs to new repair orders in just one or two clicks per job.

That's right, no more digging around for the right fluids and filters, double-checking your inventory, and ordering out-of-stock parts. Smart Jobs does it all for you!

All with just one or two clicks, job builders can create a new job with an automatically generated name that also automatically: 

  • Adds relevant labor line based on the vehicle selected for the job and labor matrix
  • Searches shop inventory for necessary parts, fluids, and filters that are in stock based on the specified repair order and specific vehicle
  • Changes the required quantity of fluid based on the vehicle selected
  • Finds out-of-stock parts required for the job from your preferred parts vendor, letting you order what you need right then and there (filters and fluids too!)
  • Applies a parts matrix to the parts of the job based on the cost
  • Last but not least, applies a total package price to the entire job

Spend less time clicking and more time connecting with customers. Smart Jobs makes everything that simple!

Why You'll Love Smart Jobs

Smart Jobs isn't your average feature release, this is an entirely new simplified, and efficient way for your service advisors to work.

We're certain that you'll love how easy it is for your team to get up and running, provide amazing service, and optimize your shop’s operations to get the most value out of the work your team already does.

Get More Out of the Work You Already Do

Shops don’t only need to focus on getting more cars in their bays. Instead, we want to help you focus on finding ways to work smarter, not harder. With Smart Jobs, it’s right in the name.

Customers truly care about the experience of doing business with your shop. They expect quick response times, individual attention, and friendly, professional service. With Smart Jobs shops have reported 20 minutes saved with just the cabin air filter smart job, now think about how much time would be saved with an oil change job.

Buy parts directly from Tekmetric

Stop spending time in the time-consuming back and forth between tabs. Smart Jobs help source your preferred parts for the specific repair job you're working on. Buy what you need right then and there directly from Tekmetric.

Offer Amazing Customer Service

Allow service advisors to focus directly on the customer experience by saving time. Easily apply consistent pricing for customers, no matter what vehicle

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In the modern and digital world, things move fast. There's always a "next best thing" around the corner, and customers' expectations can flip on a dime.

Right now is a massive opportunity for shops to meet these new customer expectations to drive their business in entirely new ways.

We saw in our latest Auto Repair Industry Index that the business growing, with Tekmetric shops across the country servicing about 6.35% more cars, on average, over the first half of 2023. Drivers are looking to hold onto their cars for longer than ever before – meaning your shop should take every advantage they can to get ahead!

Simplify training

Getting your team up and running is already easier thanks to Tekmetric’s efficient workflow.

Now, because Smart Jobs works like magic, your new team members can start taking advantage of lightning-quick efficiency right away! Smart Jobs will make it easier than ever for you to focus on training for customer experience and overall shop expectations over the shop management system.

See Smart Jobs In Action!

Curious to see how Smart Jobs will revolutionize your shop in real-time? We can’t wait to show you.

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