Announcing Shared Customer History for Multi-Shop

Our latest update for Tekmetric Multi-Shop makes it easier than ever to manage your data and provide the best customer experience.

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We are excited to announce Shared Customer History, our new Multi-Shop feature that allows users to view history for a customer across all shop locations within their organization in Tekmetric.

Tekmetric Multi-Shop is designed to give owners everything they need to manage multiple shops in one place. Our goal is to help your team gain back time, make more informed  decisions, and maximize your shops’ margins!

Our latest update for Tekmetric Multi-Shop, Shared Customer History, does just that! With stronger cohesion between different locations, multi-shop owners and service advisors can simplify their workflow and provide a more seamless customer experience.

Create a personalized customer experience at all your shops.

What is Shared Customer History?

Tekmetric Multi-Shop Shared Customer History allows users to connect customers across shops and view history for those customers across all locations within their organization in Tekmetric. With just a few clicks, shop owners and general managers can quickly add customers from one shop location to another without actually typing out all their information again. This means shops can provide a seamless customer experience across all locations and easily maintain customer information without worrying about duplicating entries.

Gain a better handle on your customer information and provide a better experience at the same time.

By linking customer data so that service writers have access to all past information -- digital vehicle inspections, estimates generated, approved or declined work, and completed repairs -- you can save your shop time while enabling a more personalized experience for the customer.

Remind customers of that declined brake job from your other location, or check up on the status of the leaky oil line to see if it's finally time for replacement. To the customer, this will feel like the truly modern experience they've grown accustomed to in this new digital age.

And they'll be impressed with how on-top-of-things your shop is!

How Shared Customer History Benefits Your Shops

Fewer clicks on your end means a more cohesive and streamlined process, which results in a smooth, frictionless experience for the customer:

  • Save time finding the information you need, and gain greater visibility into all shops
  • Build a seamless, personalized customer experience across all shops
  • Easily maintain data and ensure consistency across all locations
  • Grow your shops with increased customer retention thanks to a modern experience

Overall, Shared Customer History enables your shop to provide your customers with the same experience, no matter what location they visit. It’ll be like they're visiting the exact same business, with the same care and support they’ve already come to expect.

So, if that customer is on vacation or a business trip and has to stop by a different location for the first time, your shop will immediately have visibility into the history of everything they've done at your other locations, and you can pick up from where they left off like it’s the exact same shop.

And the benefits really don't stop there. There's so many ways to fuel your business's growth with the right multi-shop platform.

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