Introducing Default Inspections For Tekmetric DVIs

With default inspections, you can set up a default inspection template that will be automatically applied to every vehicle that comes into your shop.

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Vehicle inspections are a critical part of the repair process. Inspections help you identify potential issues, provide accurate estimates, and ensure that the work is done right the first time. 

With Digital Vehicle Inspections shops can go the extra mile and introduce a new level of transparency through a frictionless experience for the customer.

They can get clear pictures or videos to show them what's wrong, have the inspection results sent to their email, and approve or decline work with just the click of a button.

However, while this is super simple for the customer, for Service Advisors, finding the right inspection can be time-consuming. Especially when your shop is training new service advisors and introducing them to your standard operations.

To save your Service Advisor's time and effort, we are excited to announce our newest feature: Default Inspections. 

This feature streamlines the inspection process and makes it easier for you to provide great service to your customers.

Save time, focus on the customer, and sell even more repairs with Default Inspections.

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What are Default Inspections?

With default inspections, you can set up a default inspection template that will be automatically applied to every vehicle that comes into your shop. 

Service advisors won’t have to spend time searching for your shop’s standard inspection every time they build a new repair order. Plus, technicians will have a standardized inspection to work off of, ensuring that every vehicle is thoroughly inspected to the same standard with the same level of care. 

This not only saves both your service advisors and technicians time, but it also helps to improve the accuracy of your inspection reports while delivering an exceptional customer experience, built on a foundation of trust.

Save Time and Build Trust With Your Customers

In addition to streamlining your inspection process, default inspections can also help you build trust with your customers with transparency.

By providing a thorough inspection report every time they walk in with photos and video, you can show your customers exactly what work needs to be done and why. 

Transparency will go a long way. 

Establishing trust between your shop and your guests can help build a loyal customer base, improve overall customer satisfaction, and secure repeat business.

With default inspections alone, you can prove to customers why the work your shop is recommending is a necessary repair, and provide your customers with a consistent and comprehensive inspection.

All in all, simple, consistent, and transparent inspections are such a powerful tool that will help increase their confidence in your business.

Make Your Great Shop Even Better

Overall, default inspections are a game-changer for shop advisors and their customers. It saves time, enhances the customer experience, and has the potential to boost your shop's average repair order value in a big way.

We're confident that you'll love this feature as much as we do, and we can't wait to see how it helps you grow your business.

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