5 Ways Your Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

And as an auto repair shop owner, you’re in a unique position to give back to your community.

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Goodwill and charity make the holidays a wonderful time of the year. With all the ways to pay it forward, here are our top five way you can give back during the festive season.

When you think about what makes the holidays a wonderful time of the year, perhaps images of spending time with loved ones, playing in the snow, and sipping hot chocolate come to mind.

Those activities are all part of the holiday spirit. But goodwill and charity also make the holidays a wonderful time of the year. And as an auto repair shop owner, you’re in a unique position to give back to your community.

There are different ways you can pay it forward—and if you end up liking how things go, you can make giving back a year-round activity, rather than just something you do during the holidays.

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Partner With an Organization Like Brakes for Breasts

5 Ways Your Auto Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

Brakes for Breasts is an organization that Tekmetric supports with ongoing efforts. This past October, Tekmetric donated a portion of sales to Brakes for Breasts to accelerate breast cancer research.

Brakes for Breasts specifically works with independent auto repair shops across the United States. If you sign up, a portion of your shop’s brake service proceeds will go to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Partnering with an organization like Brakes for Breasts makes giving back super easy.

Help Put People on the Road

5 Ways Your Auto Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

Fix it Forward Ministry is a non-profit in Minnesota that gives free cars and auto repair work to those who are homeless or at-risk. To sustain their non-profit, Fix It Forward Ministry has a business wing, Fix It Forward Auto Care. Other Tekmetric users like Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive have non-profit branches, too.

While your auto repair shop might not have a non-profit arm, you can still join forces with a local charity to help get those in need on the road by providing free or reduced car repair services. You could even start your own internal program to help low-income individuals or people who were recently let go or furloughed from their jobs.

Give Discounts to Essential Workers

This holiday season is a great time to give back to essential workers who’ve kept communities afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. By giving doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store cashiers, delivery drivers, and other essential workers a discount, you can spread cheer and make their lives a little easier during the holidays.

You could take a certain amount, such as 15 percent, off of the total for every frontline worker and educator who comes to your shop. Or, you could offer a specific service, such as oil changes, for free or at a discount.

Start a Holiday Donation Drive

Your shop’s way of giving back doesn’t have to be just through car repairs. You could start a holiday donation drive at your shop and encourage your team members, customers, and broader community members to get involved.

Maybe you want to focus on canned goods to give to a food bank, pet food to give to an animal shelter, or toys to give to a children’s charity. You can get your whole community involved by volunteering your shop as a drop-off center for items (but be sure to stay safe by taking appropriate social distancing measures).

If you prefer a more personalized approach to giving, you could look into “Adopt-A-Family” programs that will match your shop to a family. You and your staff will then get the family’s holiday wish list so that you can make their holiday wishes come true.

5 Ways Your Auto Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

Match Donations from Staff and Customers

By matching donations, you can boost participation and give back even more. For example, if you host a holiday donation drive, you can say that for every can of food people donate, the shop will donate three.

Or, you could tell your team members and customers that they can donate to a charity of their choice from a pre-set list made by you. This way, you’ll give people an opportunity to support one of the causes they are most passionate about.

How Tekmetric is Giving Back This Month

5 Ways Your Auto Shop Can Give Back During the Holidays

At Tekmetric, we’re growing out our mustaches and raising money for Movember, a movement for men’s health that funds research and awareness efforts for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

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