6 Features Auto Repair Shops Need To Support Multi-Shop Growth

Successfully scale your auto repair business across multiple locations with a curated change management plan and the support of a high-performance shop management system.

6 Features Auto Repair Shops Need To Support Multi-Shop Growth
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November 3, 2023
The auto repair industry isn't going anywhere. Actually, that's not really true -- the aftermarket auto industry is growing, and that includes the auto repair industry too.

The reality is that now is a better time than ever to set your auto repair shop up for success, and even start laying the foundation for multi-shop growth. Especially for shop owners willing to take the time to embrace a new toolset: a modern shop management system.

In our latest Auto Repair Industry Index we took a look at recent industry trends across the country, compiled data from industry resources, and compared it to our Tekmetric data. What we found was really promising!

With a cloud-based SMS, shops can leverage amazing features like Default Inspections and Smart Jobs to not only simplify their workflows and smooth out their operations to run like a well-oiled machine but also set their business up for future growth and success.

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1. Standardize Your Shops’ Workflow

Auto repair shops standardize their shop’s workflow as much as possible to free up time for your team to focus on the critical aspects of their job, like interacting with customers or completing repairs. 

Features like Default Inspections are a simple way to create a uniform experience across your organization’s multiple locations.

In Tekmetric, default inspections automatically apply a standardized inspection template to every repair order service advisors create, letting them spend less time on the computer, and more time talking to customers.

2. Shared Customer History 

Tekmetric Multi-Shop Shared Customer History allows users to connect customers across shops and view the history of those customers across all locations within their organization. 

By linking customer data so that service writers have access to all past information, you can remind customers of that brake job they declined last time, or double-check on the status of that failing water pump your techs saw last time to create a personalized, yet uniform experience across all your shops.

3. Smart Jobs Will Revolutionize Your Shop

Your typical repair order may have one or more jobs packaged together, requiring a lot of clicking to find the right labor guides, the right parts, and the right markup matrices, over and over again. That's why we built Smart Jobs.

Smart Jobs is so powerful that it’ll revolutionize the speed and efficiency your shop works at.

With just one or two clicks, Smart Jobs will create a proper job, check inventory, pull in the right parts, prompt service advisors to purchase any missing parts, and automatically apply unique parameters to a job like fluid quality and amount based on engine type.

4. Unified Reporting For All Locations

As your shop expands, you’ll want to consistently and accurately track all of your numbers. Having the ability to track how much your shop has grown helps you hone in on the best direction for your business and course-correct to minimize any potential loss. 

For example, if you notice that a large portion of your declined jobs are brake pad replacements, you can create a promotional campaign around brake pad replacements at one of your locations to see if the campaign effectively improved said location’s close ratio.

If it works, you can scale it across all locations. If it doesn’t work, you have the data you need to adjust. 

5. Integrate With the Best Tools

By linking in other platforms, tools, or systems you're already using with your shop management system, owners and managers can create the ultimate platform that touches every part of their operations, building on top of the organization and core functionalities of managing your business.

For example, you can integrate with common parts vendors to simplify inventory management and parts ordering within one platform.

Or, if you're looking to expand your business, integrations let your shop bring in entirely new tools like all-in-one auto repair shop marketing platforms, or more traditional Customer Relationship Management tools, letting your shop set up automatic emails, reminders, or even offers for customers.

6. Continuous Support For Your Shop

We get that time is a huge reason a lot of shop owners don't want to make the change to a new shop management system. Learning how to use a new shop management system can be overwhelming.

That doesn't mean you should rule out the opportunity to upgrade your shop's tools and set yourself up for future growth. Our onboarding process is much more than just a setup wizard or a series of emails -- we'll get you ready to launch within your shop within 2 weeks!

Even better though, your support doesn't stop there. Not only do we have an industry-leading support team available at a minute's notice to work through any speed bumps you might run into, but Tekmetric is constantly being improved with new features and functions to help your great shop get even better.

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