How Integrated Payment's Text-to-Pay Saves Auto Repair Shops Time & Money

Improve your guest experience & shop efficiency with a contactless payment solution.

How Integrated Payment's Text-to-Pay Saves Auto Repair Shops Time & Money
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From mobile wallets to SMS mobile payments, the ability to pay directly from smart devices has major advantages for both customers and business owners.

Whereas traditional methods of payment require dipping a card in the same terminal as other customers or the hand to hand exchange of cash or check, the ability to pay by text message through SMS mobile payments takes the complexity and headaches out of the payment process for owners, service writers, and guests alike.

For auto repair shops in particular, giving guests the ability to pay by text not only streamlines the guest experience but also frees up service advisors from having to do a bunch of data entry, giving them more time to help other guests.

Here’s how text-to-pay works on our Integrated Payments, Tekmerchant. As you’ll see, we’ve built in opportunities to enhance efficiency while strengthening the relationship you have with your guests at each step of the process.

Step 1: Complete the Repair Order & Send the Invoice

By connecting Tekmerchant to Tekmetric, service advisors can quickly review the invoices of completed work and simply click a button to text the invoice to the guest.

Since the invoice is automatically generated from the repair order and is easy to edit within Tekmetric, the service advisor can reduce the time they would usually spend writing invoices.

Step 2: Collect Payment

Once the invoice is sent, the guest will receive a link that takes them directly to their invoice and pay screen. From there, they can review the work that was completed and make their payment, prompting them to input their billing information.

The customer inputs their card information, including their billing address, making it a verified payment.

At this point, all the service writer has to do is make sure that the payment has been approved and that everything checks out.

Pro Tip: Enhance Guest Service with a Call or Personal Text

Because service advisors and guests both have access to a digital invoice, it gives service advisors the opportunity to add a human touch to the payment process without the guest coming into the shop.

Consider having service advisors give guests a call or send a personal text message at this part of the process.

While this may seem like an extra step, it gives service advisors a chance to check-in with the guest to ensure all approved work was completed, which is a big step towards avoiding chargebacks.

Calling the guest is also a good chance to remind them of any maintenance that may need to be taken care of in the future and any upcoming deals or events. If the guest is too busy to take a call, Integrated Payments has a Text-to-Pay feature giving them the freedom to pay when they have time.

If everything looks good on the invoice, the guest can easily pay and move on with their day. You get paid fast and the guest is able to pay at their convenience.

Step 3: Return Vehicle to Customer

Once the payment has been processed, all that’s left to do is to return the vehicle.

Pro Tip: Add a Key Drop-Box for Convenience

Some auto repair shops use a key drop-box or locker to make vehicle returns more convenient for their guests and service advisors.

Most contactless drop boxes use programmable codes, so you can put the guest’s keys in a locker, send them the code, and let them pick up their car when they’re ready.

With a key drop-box, everyone wins: service advisors don’t have to worry about staying late; shop owners don’t have to worry about paying a service writer overtime, and your guests don’t have to feel rushed to make it back to the repair shop before closing time.

Turbo-charge Your Payments Processing

The Integrated Payment text-to-pay feature makes life easy for your guests and service advisors, and can potentially save you time, money, and headaches.

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