How Tekmetric’s Auto Tech Software Scales With Your Team and Your Shop

You can continually find new ways to leverage Tekmetric for even better returns down the road.

How Tekmetric’s Auto Tech Software Scales With Your Team and Your Shop
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May 22, 2023
Thinking about buying auto tech software for your shop? Or changing your auto tech software to one that works better for your team?

If so, we support you.

Every mile you drive toward running your shop like a well-oiled machine is a mile in the right direction.

Choosing and optimizing the right technology to run your shop can lead to growth that accelerates into massive returns on your investment.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

How will Tekmetric’s auto tech software grow my shop?

Selecting the right auto tech software is, at its core, a business decision. You’re looking for the right tool for your shop: something that can manage workflow efficiently, free you up to spend your time on important shop decisions, and grow your bottom line.

How do you know if a system is designed to grow your business? At the very least, it must measure your business. If a shop management system cannot accurately measure shop performance, it can’t tell you whether or not using that system has improved your business.

Any solid shop management system should at least measure:

  • Average Repair Order
  • Car Count
  • Close Ratio
  • Total Gross Sales
  • Total Gross Profits

However, a great shop management system will show you much more, and present the information in a way that is easy to view, analyze, and understand.

With Tekmetric’s real-time Reports, you can track key performance indicators, including:

  • Profits on parts and labor, so you know how to protect and increase margins as needed
  • All Declined Jobs, so you can run sales and marketing campaigns to re-engage customers and close more work
  • Lifetime Visits, Lifetime Spend, Lifetime Profit, Lifetime ARO, and Lifetime Close Ratio, so your service advisors can cater to the needs and tendencies of every customer
  • Customer Close Ratio broken down by service advisor, so you can analyze individual service advisor performance and coach your team as needed
  • Sold Work by each individual technician, and Technician Efficiency both individually and as a team, so you can coach technicians on inspections or other aspects of the job if needed
  • Customer leads broken down by marketing channels, so you know where to invest your marketing dollars.
  • Customer leads broken down by source, so you know precisely how customers heard about your shop
  • Total amount in discounts given across Parts, Labor, Sublets, Fees, or Fixed Discounts on ROs, for a clearer idea into how discounts impact shop performance and to cap discounts to protect your profits

A system that improves life for you, your team, and your customers will already lead to new growth for your auto repair shop. Real-time reports open up even more overlooked opportunities for growing shop performance.

Tekmetric Scales as You Grow

The decision to upgrade your auto tech software is a positive indicator that your shop is poised for growth in the near future. Your shop management system should be able to help you manage and encourage that growth without nickel-and-diming you every time you want to make an investment in your shop.

With Tekmetric, you can: 

  • Add new users without burdensome costs. Add service advisors, technicians, and other team members—such as a service manager or a parts foreman—to the system without having to do the math on whether or not each new addition is worth the cost
  • Pay a flat rate if you open another shop, too, which is a much more manageable way of paying than trying to figure out your costs for the future based on projected hiring patterns
  • See reports across all your shops in one place with Tekmetric Multi-Shop

Adding team members to your system and training them to take on different roles and responsibilities should put more money in the bank, not take money out. Tekmetric’s pay-per-roof model is available across multiple price points with specific sets of available features, making growth easier for your shop.

You work hard to grow your profits. You should be able to keep as much of your payoff as possible.

How will my team and I get the support we need with Tekmetric?

No auto tech software can be judged independently of the company that built it and the staff that supports it. It’s not just the system you are buying; it’s the service and support of the team that comes with it. Some systems provide top-tier support; others offer virtually none.

Our Co-Founder Sunil Patel and leaders throughout our company instill a shop-first philosophy.

Tekmetric’s industry-leading customer success, onboarding, and training teams have carefully designed an onboarding process that is seamless enough that any shop owner—no matter what type of shop they operate, or how many shops they run—can make the switch and stay running without major hiccups. We make sure your data can be moved easily, and offer training to shorten the learning curve for you and your team. 

Tekmetric is Always Evolving

Our development team drives toward the constant pursuit of innovation.

Tekmetric never stays static; our system dynamically evolves, keeping shops who use it at the forefront of the auto repair shop industry. We consistently communicate with our users, striving to achieve our max potential.

As you innovate as a shop owner and your team grows, we hope to fuel that growth and support you in your goals and ambitions.

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