Accelerating into an Innovative 2024 with Customer Focus and Inspired Teams

The Tekmetric team has big plans for 2024, delivering on our focus of customer obsession, transparency, and empowering the shops that rely on our tools every day.

Accelerating into an Innovative 2024 with Customer Focus and Inspired Teams
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Our team at Tekmetric has been building together for the better part of a decade and as we head into 2024, I find myself filled with more energy, enthusiasm, and optimism than I can ever remember.

We brought our entire team together in person to kick off the year in Houston, and to say I was anything short of blown away would be an understatement.

We pride ourselves on being a remote-first company and we’ll continue to build our team remotely with the best talent from across the world, but there sure was something special about having everyone in person at the same time, in the same place, uniting around the same goals. 

When you have the opportunity to gather such an amazingly talented group in the same room, you’ll be surprised by what happens from the brainstorming, to the tactical collaboration – and well, all the fun we had together!

And this wasn’t all just about us. Because in the end, we’re here to support all the amazing independent auto repair shops that do great work every day getting cars back on the road.

Tekmetric's Dedication to Customer Obsession

A dozen of our customer shops were gracious enough to host folks across our teams as we spent time with shop owners, advisors, and technicians diving into the next batches of innovation the industry needs us to build into Tekmetric.

Running a repair shop is the background of everything we do. It's that partnership between Tekmetric and the auto repair shops that leverage the platform daily that enables us to build the absolute best tool for the job: running an independent auto repair shop.

As we continue to build Tekmetric, I’m especially keen to hear more than ever from technicians on this front.

At a time when industry continues to fight to keep up with challenges in educating, recruiting, and retaining top-quality techs, we’re taking a more intentional stance on the role a shop management system can play in helping your shop build and support the best team possible. Be sure to look for more from us throughout the year in this area.

We’ve always started anything we do at Tekmetric with a ‘customer obsession’ mindset – and I’m proud to extend this further down to the technician level this year.

As we grow, I’m also noticing how important it is to spend more of my time transferring real-world shop knowledge to every member of our team. In the early days, our Tekmetric office was the upper level of my shop, and I probably took for granted how easy it was for our team to observe the activities going on downstairs.

It's rejuvenating to now bring over 100 of our teammates to shops and immerse ourselves in the challenges our customers are facing. I smile when I see a well-drawn whiteboard with jobs listed out in columns, color-coded and sorted by promise time.

I think back on the early ideas that went into translating age-old management concepts into better versions of what are now standard features in Tekmetric.

I get even more joy when one of our new product managers builds well past my ideas, or I hear one of our onboarding managers asking a shop owner a question that even I’m not sure I would have thought of.

One thing is certain: the opportunity for our team to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm our next steps as a shop management system has ignited our drive for success. 

Driving for Success in 2024

We are growing and maturing in real-time, and the pace of our new thinking and new innovation is mind-blowing.

If you’re a current customer, our doors are always open. Feedback from front-line employees, technicians, service writers, general managers, and of course shop owners, has turned into some of our most powerful features and functionality.

If you want to connect with our team, we welcome you to email us at to set up a time with our product team to discuss ways we can improve, or set up a 1:1 consultation if you need additional support.

And if you haven’t made the switch to Tekmetric yet, what are you waiting for? Book some time with one of our Shop Advisors here to talk through how we might be able to help your shop run better than it ever has.

From our team to yours – thanks for your continued trust and support as we grow Tekmetric. 2024 figures to be a great year for us and for the industry. If there’s anything I can personally do to help your shop measure up to another level, please reach out!

- Sunil Patel, Tekmetric Founder and CEO

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